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The type 2 diabetes symptoms are similar to that of Type 1 and Gestational Diabetes, so to better understand why those things happen to the body, let’s learn what Type 2 Diabetes is and then learn how it is different. When a patient is informed that he has Type-2 diabetes the doctor is saying that the patient’s body is not producing enough insulin or the body cannot use whatever is produced to properly support a healthy immune system.
In very severe circumstances a patient who is very ill or has been recently very ill or if the person has become dangerously dehydrated to the point that intravenous rehydration is essential to survival may fall into a diabetic coma, medically referred to as hyperosmolar coma.

If other family members have it a person may also develop T-2 through due to shared environment, including dietary habits, or genetic predisposition.
We hear a lot about this type of diabetes in today’s media  when they are doing news stories about how America has become an overweight or obese country, but in truth although Type 2 can occur due to being overweight, people who are perceived as being healthy and “thin” can just as likely to develop T-2. Doctor’s refer to this as “Insulin Resistance.” Essentially speaking, the glucose cannot get into the cell tissue and instead builds up in the person’s blood.

The other is a hemoglobin test that examines the average sugar levels over a two to three day period.

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