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Uncontrolled diabetes creates microvascular complications in the kidneys, eyes and nerves and many diabetic patients develop one or more of these serious conditions.
Mona Morstein, ND is recognized as an expert on pre-diabetes and diabetes, and also specializes in gastroenterology and hormonal disorders. Dr. The NYANP has teamed up with the California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA) to bring you California’s wide selection of self-study recordings and upcoming live CE events.
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The information, articles and tips in this section are dedicated to your health and the health of your family.
From the basics of maintaining optimal health to Preventing Osteoporosis, Health Tips for Your Family offers a wide variety of naturopathic health advice. Nutritional counselling is the first line of therapy for the treatment of diabetes and plays a significant role in the prevention of the disease. Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented and controlled through naturopathic approaches and strategies.
Everyone is trying their best to help patients with cancer and ultimately find a cure whenever possible. Naturopathic Oncology is providing important support for people undergoing various treatments for cancer.
Natural approaches to maintaining a healthy heart and preventing heart disease are growing in popularity. For people with diabetes, switching to a plant-based diet may ease the searing nerve pain that can come with the condition, and perhaps reduce their risk of losing a limb, a small pilot study has found. More than half of adults with Type 2 diabetes may develop diabetic neuropathy, a type of nerve damage resulting from poor blood circulation and high levels of glucose in the blood, previous studies have shown.
Now, in a new study that builds on previous work suggesting that a plant-based, vegan diet can be as effective as medication for treating diabetes, researchers placed 17 overweight adults with diabetic neuropathy on a 20-week low-fat diet that emphasized fresh vegetables and high-fiber, complex carbohydrates such as beans and whole grains.
Compared with a control group of 17 adults who received B12 supplements but maintained their current, non-vegan diet, the group on the vegan diet reported significant improvements in pain relief.
Many people in this intervention group also saw improvements in their bodies’ ability to control their levels of glucose, or blood sugar, which then allowed them to lower the dose of their diabetes medication. The study appears today (May 25) in the journal Nutrition & Diabetes and was led by doctors and nutritionists at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a non-profit organization that promotes preventive medicine and a vegan diet.
Normally, glucose is obtained from carbohydrates; and the hormone insulin, secreted by the pancreas, ferries glucose into cells, where it is used as fuel. A study published in 2002 in the New England Journal of Medicine by researchers at George Washington University found that lifestyle changes — diet and exercise — were twice as effective at controlling diabetes than the leading diabetes drug, metformin.
Many of the participants in the new study told the researchers they were impressed by how quickly they lost weight and improved their glycemic control on the plant-based diet, Wells told Live Science.

However, the new study was limited in that the researchers could not determine which element of the low-fat, plant-based diet led to the observed improvements.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the annual direct cost of diabetes treatment is more than $175 billion.
There are several different kinds of alternative medicines: homeopath, osteopath, chiropractic, herbal medicine, massage and acupuncture. The treatments used in conventional medicine are the result of scientific research and successful results. Some doctors use alternative medicine in a complimentary manner along with their conventional treatments. Most people assume that only the latest high-tech treatments will be affective, but sometimes these are not as tried and proven as the old time remedies passed down over the years. Though our bodies are very resilient and have the amazing ability to heal their selves, there are times that we will need help. Not only do you get a great selection to choose from, but the NYANP receives 15% of the proceeds from the sales!
They have been written by Naturopathic Doctors and reviewed by an editorial committee of professional peers. The problem with antibiotics is that they often have side effects (abdominal discomfort, stomach pain) and they don’t build the immune system.
The articles in this section provide a wealth of professional guidance for people struggling with this disease. Integrating medical and naturopathic care is proving to be an effective way to enhancing survival and quality of life.
Diabetic neuropathy can lead to ulcers and other infections on the legs and feet, and is the primary cause of limb amputation for people with diabetes. The participants also attended weekly nutrition classes and took a vitamin B12 supplement, a nutrient that is important for proper nerve function but found naturally only in animal products.
Tests also revealed improved circulation and nerve function, and these participants lost, on average, 14 pounds. But in people with Type 2 diabetes, insulin cannot efficiently ferry glucose from the blood into cells for reasons not entirely understood.
It could be that merely losing weight — albeit no easy task for many — was the main contributor to neuropathy pain reduction, the researchers wrote. In the new study, the researchers noted that the cost of a diet rich in leafy greens and other plant foods is well within reach of most budgets.
Compare conventional medicines to alternative medicines so you’ll know the advantages and disadvantages of each. Alternative medicine is a system of theory and practice used by many individual cultures around the world.

With alternative medicine, an individual is using natural remedies to build up the immune system to fight off infection and diseases. Alternative medicine practitioners usually have a quality education with degree-level exams and monitored evaluation. Instead of trying to rid the body of a disease or symptom, the whole body is treated, and the cause is addressed.
In recent years, Americans have spent billions of dollars on unconventional medicine, doctor’s visits, and herbal remedies. Several medical schools and renowned hospitals are offering courses and clinics using alternative medicines.
It is best to be informed about both conventional and alternative medicines when the time comes to make a choice. It is very helpful for physicians treating diabetic patients to be fully cognizant of how to recognize, diagnose and treat these complications.
With a deluge of online information about natural health to sort through, we are pleased to provide you with this one-stop source of reliable and trustworthy help to maintain good health.
From warning signs to advice on controlling blood sugar levels, Naturopathic medicine has many of the answers to help you deal with your diabetes. There are several differences in conventional and alternative medicines, but there are some practitioners that use them together. Other therapies not as common are reflexology and aromatherapy, which use less invasive methods. Medical schools are divided into organ specific departments where the organs are learned about separately, and are not taught as being related to each other.
But in most cases, they will treat everyone with the same treatment when they could have different factors affecting their health. This lecture will examine the general etiology of damage and then discuss each type of complication as well as the conventional and evidence based naturopathic protocols beneficial for prevention and treatment. This works fine for emergency and trauma treatments, but does not promote better health over all. Through extensive questioning and diagnostic tools, the practitioner works to determine the cause of health problems. If there are underlying factors influencing your health, they will work to find the problem. Instead of using the same treatment on everyone with a common symptom, they try to find the hidden cause and treat it.

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