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Excess weight in terms of complementary medicine is seen as an excess condition of toxicity that needs to be eliminated. Diets don’t work alone, often needed in combination with counselling and ongoing support networks.
Foods high in fibre lower CRP, IL1 & IL6 (high in obesity) - In a study of 524 healthy adults, investigators found that those with the highest fibre intake had lower blood levels of C-reactive protein CRP than those who ate the least fibre. Flavonoids lower C-reactive protein - Intake of dietary flavonoids is inversely associated with serum CRP concentrations in U.S. Vitamin C lowers C-reactive protein (high in obesity) - Vitamin C treatment significantly reduces C-reactive protein. Omega-3 fatty acids lower CRP, IL1 & IL6 (high in obesity) - Higher intake of n–3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from marine or fish is inversely associated with serum C-reactive protein (CRP) concentrations.
Dark chocolate or natural cocoa powder lowers C-reactive protein (high in obesity) - Consuming cocoa can reduce C-reactive protein levels. Eat a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish (salmon, tuna, herring, sardines and mackerel) or fish oil supplements, walnuts and flax. Increase physical activity - Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week. Naturopathic lifestyle and dietary advice for a sluggish liver - Eat a diet low in bad fat high, in good fat, high in soluble fibre, nutrients and clean water.
Herbal medicine for a sluggish liver - Carahealth Liver contains herbs that regenerate liver cells, promote the flow of bile and assist liver functions in particular, digestion and detoxification.
We at Evergreen Health Centre offer our clients a wide range of comprehensive Naturopathic treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
This year I had the privilege of attending the 4th annual ONCANP conference where Naturopathic Oncologists from around the world gather to discuss the latest research and advances in integrative oncology.
I was interested to learn at the conference that several cancer clinics in the United States have Naturopathic doctors working at hospitals in collaboration with medical oncologists. Major change is needed in the medical system to incorporate this integrative model because the bottom line is that it works.
Patients are not stupid, when they are given a serious diagnosis they turn to the internet in search of answers even if their oncologist says that they are wasting their time.
In the past I have had Oncologists scare patients about the most benign prescriptions or supplements. Patients should not be put in a position where they are being forced to make decisions based on one health care practitioner putting fear into them about another health care practitioner.
When I say that we need to move to an integrative model I am not suggesting that patients should avoid chemotherapy. I have send out many letters to medical oncologists informing them of the treatment plan and many do not even reply to my letter. Yaletown Naturopathic Clinic is a center for naturopathic medicine in the heart of downtown Vancouver’s Yaletown district. Do you have tummy fat troubles?  Sugar level issues?  Cholesterol abnormal?  Painful abdomen?  Colitis?
This month, in a study published by Nature, a team of Microbiologists at Georgia State University linked 2 commonly used food-additives to metabolic syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease in mice. The gut is lined with a protective multi-level mucus layer, that puts distance between the lining of our gut wall and our gut bacteria. Read the ingredients on the label to avoid these food additives — carboxymethyl cellulose and polysorbate 80 — and decrease your exposure to these gut altering culprits. Consult your Naturopathic Physician for guidance in gut health at Yaletown Naturopathic Clinic. Avoid probiotics that are not refrigerated (unless the bottle specifically says the product is “shelf stable”).
Look for probiotics free of dairy, gluten, casein, shellfish and other potential inflammatory ingredients if you are sensitive to these ingredients. Herbs for diabetes include kino, gymnema, bitter melon, onion, garlic, fenugreek, Asian ginseng, bilberry, stevia, ginkgo, cinnamon and barberry.
Momordica Charantia or bitter melon is also known as balsam pear, and is also a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for diabetes, and is commonly used in TCM as well.
Each of the other herbs for diabetes mentioned above is helpful in treating particular symptoms of the disease.
Generally, any herb that strengthens the pancreas or liver will be helpful for diabetes treatment.
CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Robin Walsh is a Naturopathic Doctor and Nutritionist who has been inspiring thousands of people over the past decade to optimize their health through lifestyle changes. While having a holistic naturopathic approach with patients, she has taken a strong interest and puts emphasis on nutrition and lifestyle coaching. She also has a keen interest in women’s health and from a lifestyle and nutrition perspective helps conditions such as fertility concerns, PCOS, PMS and other menstrual complaints and menopause. Robin has completed the necessary requirements and is licensed to prescribe Bio-identical hormones and Desiccated Thyroid in Ontario. Robin speaks professionally on how lifestyle medicine influences conditions such as diabetes, glucose toxicity and chronic inflammation.
She has completed her certification in Environmental Medicine from one of the leading experts in this field Dr. Robin holds professional memberships with the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND) and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND). If you don’t believe it, carry around a ten-kilo bag of potatoes for a day and you will soon realize the strain this places on your heart.
Did you know that overweight is as much linked to cardiovascular disease as cigarette smoking?

Age, menopause, slow metabolism, child bearing, convenience and big bones, are some excuses people use.
The findings support the general recommendation that adults get 20 to 35 grams of fibre per day in the form of fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. Therefore, eating more fish or taking fish oil capsules can reduce C reactive protein levels. Think of ways to increase physical activity, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or riding the kids to school. These are some common symptoms of what is known in naturopathic terms as a sluggish liver, or in other words a sign that your liver is overburdened by too many toxins. Avoid alcohol and processed food and incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet along with lean protein foods like fish, tofu, legumes, etc. It is recommended for liverish conditions such as irritably, melancholia, nausea, feeling sluggish and particular disorders of the liver. Call (604) 939-0577 or visit our booking page to schedule your consultation with Evergreen Health Centre today. It allows us to respect your time and we encourage you to schedule an appointment in advance of your visit. It is exciting to see how rapidly the field is advancing and the information that was presented can certainly be applied in a clinical setting to anyone battling cancer. The problem at this point in time is that many Medical Oncologists refuse to work with Naturopathic Doctors at all. The problem is that patients do not have the medical knowledge to recognize which supplements are appropriate for them and which ones are completely contraindicated.
Patients have been told that Omega-3’s will accelerate tumour growth because it is an “antioxidant” or that EGCG “protects cancer cells” in a patient not even on chemotherapy. If the medical oncologist has a problem with a prescription that I write, then they should contact me about it.
What this means is that we use evidence based treatment plans to work synergistically with conventional medicine. Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine.
This leads to gut inflammation causing symptoms like painful cramps, diarrhea and fluctuations in weight. Kathy Dang is a Naturopathic Physician at Yaletown Naturopathic Clinic and offers integrative and holistic care that treats the whole person with safe, effective and natural therapies. Herbs for diabetes, when used under the care of a naturopathic practitioner, can help mitigate Type I Diabetes symptoms and hold off the onset of Type 2 Diabetes. Note that if you are already receiving standard treatment for diabetes, DO NOT take any of these herbs without talking with your doctor. It has been used for centuries in the Ayurvedic traditional medical system of India for diabetes, and is showing promise in modern studies on the disease. It helps in the production of insulin in Diabetes Type 2 and reduces the blood sugar levels for both types 1 and 2. It is widely cultivated in Africa, Asia and South America as a vegetable and as a diabetes treatment. Both foods are helpful in diabetic treatment plus have the added benefits of being beneficial in treating cardiovascular problems. A tea (decoction) of the leaves of this plant injected is only slightly less effective but less toxic than insulin.
Particular mention should be made of barberry-one of the best liver tonics available--and cinnamon, which make insulin three times as effective as without the use of cinnamon.
Continuing research into the use of herbs for diabetes may well result in a cure for the disorder.
As the Vibrant Living clinic owner and mom of a 6 year old girl and 3 year old twins, she understands the importance of balance and coaches individuals on how to make health a priority despite their individual stressors or life conditions. The primary focus of her practice is weight loss, or more importantly optimizing body composition. She uses these in line with Lifestyle Medicine and other Naturopathic principles to restore balance to hormones. The reason being is that if dietary and lifestyle modification, along with targeted nutritional supplementation and exercise can’t handle the problem then there is always the medical option to fall back on.  This sequencing makes more sense because you can’t undo a surgery once performed or completely reverse the damage done by long-term pharmaceutical drug use.
Obesity is associated with complications in pregnancy, heart disease, late onset diabetes and certain cancers, in particular those related to oestrogen and the gastrointestinal tract.
From a naturopathic perspective, there are legitimate reasons why people may gain weight that can be identified and addressed. Found in crackers, biscuits, snack foods, commercially prepared baked goods, cake mixes, microwave popcorn, fried foods and even salad dressings. When the data is compared to the national standards it is clear that the patients are living longer with an increased quality of life in this integrative cancer setting. Instead, they tell their patients to avoid all natural supplements because they will interfere with the conventional treatments. By telling patients to avoid all supplements and avoid all Naturopathic Doctors, patients are driven to doing their own research and taking supplements without informing their oncologist.
These statements are simply untrue and a quick literature search would reveal dozens of references regarding the safety and effectiveness of these supplements. Just as if I change a prescription from any medical doctor I will always make an effort to inform them of this change. Very few of my patients are not doing chemotherapy or radiation because ultimately patients do best when they are adequately supported through these conventional therapies. Medical Oncologists need to stop pretending like Naturopathic Doctors don’t exist or that we have nothing to offer. Gut inflammation is also seen in metabolic syndrome — a triad of obesity, high blood sugar, and abnormal cholesterol which increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
500 mg per day of Gymnema extract is a substitute for oral medications to lower blood sugar for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

In preliminary studies it shows promise in helping diabetics metabolize carbohydrates, which in turn cuts down on blood sugar swings.
For people with Type 2 Diabetes, cinnamon may lower blood glucose, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, with few side effects. In the meantime these herbs for diabetes have been shown to be helpful in treating the disease or its symptoms.
Optimal body composition plays a central role in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and obesity. Environmental Medicine is the study of how toxicity impacts health, and she is excited to start implementing this very important field of medicine into her practice.
Robin is certified in First Line Therapy (FLT), which is an advanced certification program in recognizing the barriers to weight loss and helping patients achieve optimal body composition. Soluble fibre is found in oatmeal, beans, berries, apples, kidney beans, pinto beans, and black-eyed peas while whole grains and many vegetables are good sources of insoluble fibre. Food sources of flavonoids include, tea, green tea, apples, apricots, blueberries, pears, raspberries, strawberries, black beans, cabbage, onions, parsley, pinto beans and tomatoes. Being a healthy weight range can lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke but even many types of cancer including colon, breast and prostate. Exercise reverses insulin resistance by increasing GLUT4 receptors on the cell to improve insulin sensitivity. One stunning example was with Stage 3 Lung Adenocarcinoma patients where the overall survival was 36 months compared to the national average of around 12 months. This is simply not true and it is very easy to find robust evidence supporting these integrative therapies. The reality is that they need professional guidance from a Naturopathic Doctor to pick the right supplements and the Naturopathic Doctor should then inform the Oncologist about the treatment plan that the patient is on.
I have also had a number of patients who were told to discontinue a prescription of Metformin or Celebrex only when the MD found out that a Naturopathic doctor prescribed it.
It is not appropriate to put the patient in this position and scare them so significantly about something so minor. What many medical oncologists do not realize is that very often Naturopathic Oncologists are encouraging patients to do the same plan that they recommended. For the benefit of the patient every medical oncologist should make an effort to establish a good relationship with a Naturopathic doctor that they trust. Inflammatory bowel disease — like Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis are also potentially caused or exacerbated by gut inflammation. This causes a cascade of low-grade inflammation of the gut wall – leading to irritation and pain seen in inflammatory bowel disease and metabolic syndrome. An alcohol extract of the resin and the flavonoid epicatechin extracted from the bark of the tree both have been shown to prevent pancreatic alpha cell damage in rats and to actually regenerate beta cells. One of them, charantin, is a hypoglycaemic agent; bitter melon contains a polypeptide which is confirmed by clinical trials to reduce blood sugar when injected subcutaneously.
This makes it potentially valuable for treating not just diabetes but also insulin resistance and hypoglycemia. The active ingredient is myrtillin, used to improve the functioning of the vascular system and effective in preventing diabetic retinopathy--an eye disorder associated with diabetes.
Part of her approach includes identifying and treating hormonal imbalances that plague patients with stubborn weight loss. She takes a particular interest in how environmental medicine impacts conditions like fertility and also healthy pregnancy preparation for all woman.
Robin is also a member of the Association of Perinatal Naturopathic Doctors, a group that has a special interest in issues surrounding pregnancy and fertility. Study after study showed that patients were responding more effectively to the chemotherapy and that they were having less side effects. This creates a better healing environment for the patient and it ensures that everyone is on the same page about the treatment plan. In these cases the patients were responding very well to the chemotherapy and they were taking these medications during this entire time period. Having said that, I also feel that Naturopathic Doctors need to make more of an effort to reach out to medical doctors.
Often the oncologist scared the patient away from the conventional therapy just based on how they described the treatment.
Whether they like it or not, patients are seeking this integrative care and they should at least be directed to a Naturopathic doctor that can collaborate with the medical oncologist. These pancreatic cells directly or indirectly control metabolic processes to balance blood sugar levels in the blood stream. Many naturopaths recommend both the leaf and the berries themselves as beneficial to diabetics and others with blood sugar issues. I find it extremely frustrating that this integrative model is not universal given the abundance of evidence. The pharmacist who filled the prescription also didn’t have a problem with it and I am sure that had a MD prescribed the exact same thing they would have never recommended that the patient discontinue it.
We also need to make more of an effort to act collaboratively for the benefit of the patient.
As Naturopathic Oncologists, we make an effort to educate the patient and give them the support that they need through these conventional therapies.
When patients feel supported they are more likely to follow through with chemotherapy and they will respond better to treatment. She continually strives to encourage, coach and support every patient with an individualized program that is easy to implement and helps them achieve their personal goals.

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