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There is no established course of treatment for patients infected with Rift Valley Fever virus. Allopathic medications are known to suppress only the symptoms and not the cause of the disease.
Pregnant women are at a high risk of contracting Valley Fever when they have traveled to a place where valley fever is endemic. The Aedes mosquito is the carrier of the virus and humans get the virus when bitten by this mosquito.

The use of allopathic medication leads to side effects that, sometimes, can be life threatening than the disease being cured.
Dogs primarily contract valley fever in the low desert regions of Arizona, New Mexico and southwestern Texas and the central deserts of California.
These Formalin-inactivated vaccines, however, are not licensed and are not commercially available.
Arboviruses are a large group of viruses that are spread by certain invertebrate animals (arthropods), most commonly blood-sucking insects.

So far, it has only been used to protect veterinary and laboratory personnel at high risk of exposure to Rift Valley Fever. Species in which valley fever has been found include cattle and other livestock, horses, llamas, apes, monkeys and many kinds of zoo animals such as kangaroos, wallabies, tigers, bears, badgers, otters, etc.

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