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The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 2.5 to 3 billion persons are anemic worldwide. In the US alone, it is estimated that more than 3.5 million people have some type of anemia. In Critically ill Patients: Many factors contribute to anemia in critically ill patients including trauma, surgical blood loss, inflammation and nutritional deficiencies. Women of Childbearing Age: Heavy bleeding with normal menstruation may cause iron deficiency anemia.
Pernicious anemia: There also may be a problem in the stomach or the intestines leading to poor absorption of vitamin B12. Sickle cell anemia: In some individuals, the problem may be related to production of abnormal hemoglobin molecules.
Alcoholism: Poor nutrition and deficiencies of vitamins and minerals are associated with alcoholism. Aplastic anemia: Occasionally, some viral infections may severely affect the bone marrow and diminish production of all blood cells. Hemolytic anemia: Hemolytic anemia is a type of anemia in which the red blood cells rupture (known as hemolysis) and become dysfunctional.
The symptoms of anemia are very imperceptible at first and include weakness, fatigue, dizziness, headaches and heart palpitations. Pumpkins are rich in vitamins and folic acid and vitamin B12 and are useful in combating anemia. Vegetables like spinach and broccoli, sweet potatoes, beans, green peas, pulses and all green leafy vegetables are rich in iron, folic acid and B12. Guavas are great for preventing anemia, and it is believed that they may also prevent leukemia. Vinegar and molasses: 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses with water or tea is a very good home remedy to correct anemia. Bee Pollen: 1 teaspoon of bee pollen is a powerful biological stimulant and increases the red cells in the bone marrow.
Dong quai – It is a Chinese herb that has been reported to help in the treatment of anemia, but to date, no scientific studies have been done to verify this. Pulsatilla: Pulsatilla is a great remedy and is indicated in the anemic conditions where the patient is relaxed and worn out, chilly and suffers from gastric and menstrual derangement.
Cinchona: It is the chief remedy for anemia resulting from loss of fluids, as in lactation or hemorrhage, or from all exhausting discharges, such as menstrual flow or long-lasting diarrhea. Natrum muriaticum: This is also a remedy for anemic and debilitated conditions due to loss of fluids, especially in women who suffer from menstrual disorders and in chronic cases with a dead, dirty-looking skin. Chininum arsenicosum: Sometimes prescribed for anemia, it has been found to be curative in certain cases of pernicious anemia. Calcarea carbonica: Almost any of the deeper acting constitutional remedies may be of use in anemic and debilitated conditions.
Arsenicum album: This is a very useful remedy in cases of pernicious anemia or in anemia due to hemolysis in malaria.
Secale: This remedy is useful in progressing anemia, where the patient is pale, bloodless and jaundiced in color. Lauha bhasma: Historically (1500 B C) in Ayurvedic literature, Charak Samhita described fatigue and pallor due to bloodlessness, which can be cured by Lauha bhasma (Calcified iron). Lohasavam is a curative for anemia, jaundice, liver affections, cardiac lesions, dropsy and fever.
Dhatri Lauh: This is very good Ayurvedic remedy for peptic ulcer syndrome, pain in abdomen, hyper acidity, anemia and Pitta imbalances.
Ayurveda also recommends a good, well-balanced diet rich in iron, sesame seeds, almonds, vegetables such as beet, lettuce, spinach, soybean, radish, carrots, tomatoes and fresh fruits like banana, black berries, strawberries, apple, amla, and plums. To improve your hemoglobin, you should enjoy sunbathing as the sunlight stimulates the production of red blood cells. Disclaimer: The information throughout the articles on our site are for general education purposes only, and are of the views of the authors, and should NOT be taken or construed as medical advice or instruction. Herbs for diabetes or high blood sugar can really help lessen insulin resistance that people with diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, might have as a cause for their increased blood sugar levels. You can get a combination herbal product with this key herbal ingredient, along with three other herbs to protect your eyesight (bilberry) and other body parts from high blood sugar and chromium picolinate, an essential trace mineral in the regulation of blood sugar for type 2 diabetics - learn more here. In summary, these five herbs are among many different natural remedies that can help lower blood sugar levels if they are high and reduce the need for medications. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Living well with type 2 diabetes means making certain precautions part of your routine, says Amy Campbell, MS, RD, CDE, manager of clinical education programs at Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.
And get this - it has NOTHING to do with insulin, exercise, diet or anything else you've heard in the past. It's all based on latest breakthrough research that Big Pharma is going Stir Crazy to hide from you. Most of them are Spending Thousands of Dollars for Controlling Their Diabetics, Did You ever tried this? Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Free radicals are produced by normal physiological process in the body and due to pollutants.
Royal jelly contains considerable amounts of potassium, which is important for reducing high blood pressure. Royal jelly consists of a compound known as lecithin, which promotes healthy digestion, improves liver function and reduces cholesterol. Products containing flower pollen and royal jelly by mouth will not only reduce menopausal symptoms, but also enhances feelings of well-being. Diabetics are generally at risk of developing foot wounds like ulcers, which is caused due to nerve damage.
Early research reveals that taking products containing royal jelly, bee pollen along with pistil extract for two menstrual cycles will decrease a few PMS symptoms like swelling, weight increase and irritability. It means eating regular meals that are low in saturated fat and controlling the amount and type of carbohydrate you eat at one time. This means engaging in aerobic activity, strength building and flexibility training most days of the week. Diabetes is triggered by insulin resistance and regaining insulin sensitivity can help reverse the process. Stress raises cortisol and can lead to hormone imbalance, insulin issues and increases risk for certain types of disease. Supplements can help your body to manage ideal blood sugar levels, especially while your body works to gain proper insulin reactions again.
Bitter melon has plant insulin-polypeptide-P, a bio-chemicals useful in reducing blood sugar. What if there’s a simple dietary answer to preventing diabetes—even if you’re already pre-diabetic? As you’re about to find out, there are indeed simple solutions for managing or even outright preventing diabetes. Although the mechanisms that cause diabetes at the cellular level are complex, the dietary solutions to avoid diabetes are not as complicated as you might think.
Although many people turn to medication and insulin to manage their diabetes, you may not have to resort to these options if you know how to address the fundamental underlying causes of diabetes in the first place. First, your prevention requires an understanding of the relationship between blood sugar and insulin. The amount of sugar in your blood needs to be precisely tuned in order to avoid going too high or too low—either situation is dangerous for your body. Glucagon increases blood sugar by helping your body release stored glucose into the bloodstream. Insulin decreases blood sugar by helping the sugar to be stored as body fat, removing it from the bloodstream.
In healthy people, these two hormones dance a careful waltz to ensure that your blood sugar stays within healthy ranges.
For people who are pre-diabetic or suffer from Type-2 diabetes, the insulin gets out of whack. When your blood sugar levels are high on a consistent basis, your body responds by consistently raising insulin. Normally, this would not be a problem—except that the frequent exposure to insulin begins to wear on your cells. This is when your pancreas is forced to create more and more insulin until you’ve got a full-on metabolic disorder: diabetes.
If you suffer from diabetes, you’re already intimately familiar with the Glycemic Index and what it means for your blood sugar.

Let’s take a look at some strategies for treating diabetes while keeping principles like the Glycemic Index in mind.
Insulin injections and medication. Of course, you generally don’t take the medicinal route if you’re only pre-diabetic.
Dietary prevention. An emphasis on dietary prevention of high blood sugar is essential for both pre-diabetics and those who already suffer from Type II diabetes. Whether or not you take medication to help manage your blood sugar, you stand to benefit from understanding the dietary restrictions that can help aid you in your quest to keep your blood sugar in check. Because diabetes is fundamentally a metabolic problem with blood sugar and insulin, the strategies to prevent and reverse it should focus on the causes of these metabolic problems. Reduced carbohydrate. Carbohydrates—whether you’re talking about table sugar or the starch in potatoes—are fundamentally constructed from the building blocks of sugar.
Reduce high-glycemic index foods. Not all carbohydrates raise your blood sugar to the same degree, which is why you can switch to high-fiber, low-glycemic index foods if you’re going to eat anything on the Glycemic Index. Generally, you can do a lot to fight off diabetes simply by focusing on the two strategies listed above. Eating good fats. Fat has no impact on your blood sugar, which makes it a vitally important source of energy for diabetics.
If you’re proactive enough, there are plenty of natural ways—ways that don’t include medication—that allow you to manage your blood sugar and keep your insulin levels in check.
Paula Deen: the celebrity chef famous for using high-calorie ingredients with reckless abandon discovered that she had developed Type 2 Diabetes. Drew Carey: The famous game show host and comedian dropped a lot of weight since his heaviest days, and reports are that he did it with a low-carb diet. Randy Jackson: Although his interventions were drastic—including everything from diet to exercise to gastric bypass surgery—Randy Jackson got serious about his diabetes and even wrote about getting rid of sugar in the diet in order to prevent all sorts of complications from diabetes. Those celebrities were not always “skinny”—they were real people with real problems with their blood sugar.
The report also lists diabetes as the 7th most common cause of death in the United States, with 69,071 deaths in 2010 officially attributed to the disease. Those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes face a number of decisions related to the way they live their lives.
Acupuncture is the process of inserting thin needles into the skin to trigger the body to release natural painkillers. Some studies suggest Chromium supplements increase glucose tolerance, helping to improve the positive effects of insulin. WebMD acknowledges brewer’s yeast, buckwheat, broccoli, cinnamon, cloves, coffee, okra, peas, fenugreek, and sage as natural plant foods that can be used as treatments for type 2 diabetes. These are all fiber-rich and full of the many vitamins and minerals that are invaluable to those with diabetes.
Before trying any of the natural remedies listed above, it is important to consult a doctor or health professional. If posting a message by using a HTML editor (FCK or MCE), you will have to use the appropriate buttons (Insert Image) from the editor toolbar. Vitamins and minerals are required to make red blood cells; in addition to iron, vitamin B12 and folate are required for the proper production of hemoglobin. Hypertension can precipitate or worsen many established cardiovascular diseases, advancing the severity of anemia and congestive heart failure. Alcohol itself may also be toxic to the bone marrow and may slow down the red blood cell production. Some forms of hemolytic anemia can be hereditary with constant destruction and rapid reproduction of red blood cells.
This plant herb contains a stinging irritant to skin; it can be cooked and eaten like spinach.
These plants are widespread and easy to identify, and could be used in cases where medical help is not available. Similarly, it is also a great homoeopathic remedy, but it will not cure every case of anemia; careful individualization is necessary. Its indications are excessive prostration considerable edema, violent and irregular palpitation, marked appetite for acids and brandy, extreme anxiety and rapid emaciation. It suits especially anemia from prolonged hemorrhage in women enervated by indolence and luxury, or such as are worn out with hard work; they are too tired to sleep and the strained muscles burn and ache. It is also useful as a regular supplement after first trimester of pregnancy and lactating mothers. Certain yoga postures such as Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana), Posterior Stretch (Paschimotthanasana), and Corpse Pose (Shavasana) are also considered useful in combating anemia. Rajesh Vishwanathan, MBBS, became disillusioned with the impersonal and aggressive allopathic system and trained and qualified in Yoga, meditation, Naturopathy and Homeopathy.
The information provided should NOT serve as a substitute for professional medical advice or care. Not all herbs have the effect of lowering blood sugar, but certain ones are well known for this type of effect.
Bitter melon is a type of tropical vegetable from Asia, East Africa, and South America that is part of many home remedies or folk remedies for diabetes.
Gymnema Syvestre is from the tropical forests in India and is an ancient folk remedy for diabetes.
Fenugreek is a plant herb that is found naturally in the Mediterranean area and even in China. Their effects can be sudden or gradual, making it essential for you to work with your medical professional to make sure that you start and use these options safely for you and to avoid any herb-drug interactions that can occur. Make an annual appointment for a dilated-eye exam with an ophthalmologist or an optometrist experienced in treating people with diabetes.
When these free radicals intermingle with certain molecules, they result in cell damages, which hasten ageing. The most important ingredient is acetylcholine that has profound implications to improve and invigorate mental acuity. According to a study, royal jelly was put into an ointment, which was used on the foot wounds. It also controls oxidative stress and hence, a natural alternative to prevent and reverse Type-2 diabetes. It helps in the development of brain of the fetus and contains several amino acids crucial for healthy growth.
Being active can help control blood glucose levels if you have type 2 diabetes and improve cardiovascular health and assist in weight management for both type 2 and type 1 diabetes.
Limit consumption of sugars, grains and processed carbohydrates and focus on healthy proteins, fats and green veggies.
Work to reduce your sources of stress from lack of sleep, exposure to toxins, mental and emotional sources and poor diet.
Bitter gourd can also be used as bitter gourd recipe, bitter gourd tea, dishes, curry, and soup. And what if there’s a simple dietary solution to reverse your reliance on diabetes medications if you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes?
In fact, throughout this article, you’ll discover that managing diabetes comes down to the management of insulin and, by extension, blood sugar—and you’ll find that these conclusions are backed by modern peer-reviewed science as well.
At the end of the article, we’ll even look at some prominent people who have checked their own diabetes through the methods we’ve discussed here.
To ensure that your blood sugar is in balance no matter what you eat, your body produces two key hormones and substances: insulin and glucagon. To put it simply, your body starts to grow “bored” with the regular amounts of insulin and requires more and more of it to affect the same changes to blood sugar. Now your body is incapable of regulating its own blood sugar and requires medication instead. You’ll find that simple, sugary foods (and even many starches) tend to raise your blood sugar a lot, and whole, natural, fibrous foods (even when packed with sugar) tend to raise your blood sugar less. But many people with diabetes have such a problem with regulating their blood sugar that they require additional medicinal assistance. Whether you eat cookies or bread, the carbohydrates in your diet ultimately end up as sugar in the blood.
While these foods will still have an impact on your blood sugar, they won’t have nearly the insulin-stimulating effects that high “GI” foods will. Fat from clean, whole sources like fish and pasture-raised animals can do a lot to keep your blood sugar stable while giving you the nutrition you need. If you do already suffer from Type II Diabetes, you’ll want to monitor your blood sugar throughout.
This is not only important for people with Diabetes, but for those who want to ensure that they never develop diabetes, either. There are actually plenty of real-world examples of some pretty prominent people doing exactly that, or at least making a lot of headway by changing their diet.

Rather than ditch all of her favorite foods, however, she realized that she only needed to cut her carbs.
What’s more, Drew Carey was also able to get himself off of his diabetes medications in the process, which means that losing weight and managing your blood sugar can (and should) go hand-in-hand.
If they can treat, prevent, and even reverse their diabetes, then that means the same options may be available to you.
If you have diabetes, it is necessary to re-think your diet and exercise regimen in order to control and even reverse the disease. However, natural remedies are more beneficial for the body and are worth trying before you commit to side-effect-ridden drugs. These can be used as part of a diabetes treatment regimen to help you manage and eliminate symptoms.
Men and women with chronic conditions often receive regular acupuncture treatments to help alleviate pain.
They can advise you on an individual basis to help identify which diabetes treatment is right for you and can monitor your overall health in case unwanted side effects arise. One specific type, sickle cell anemia, occurs in one in every 600 African-American births, and about 2 million Americans have the sickle cell trait. Deficiency in any of these may cause anemia because of inadequate production of red blood cells. Abnormal hemoglobin molecules may cause problems in the integrity of the red blood cell structure and they may become crescent-shaped (sickle cells). This destruction may also happen to normal red blood cells in certain conditions, for example, with abnormal heart valves damaging the blood cells. Many people with anemia have surprised their doctors when they reported that their good results came from this simple plant.
It suits patients who have an appearance of full bloodedness or plethora, which is followed by paleness or earthiness of the face and puffiness of the extremities. Dizziness on rising, absence of thirst, and the peculiar disposition will lead to the remedy. The main ingredients are Iron, Triphala, Trikatu, Vidanga, Motha, Chitrak, Dhtaki and Jaggery. All herbs are natural plants, and so people with allergies need to be careful and make sure they are not allergic to the plant from from the herb comes. Cinnamon has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and perhaps even fats in the bloodstream like cholesterol or triglycerides, items that are often also elevated abnormally in people with diabetes. At least the Asian form of bitter melon in research studies has shown that it can lower blood glucose levels, perhaps from the actions of several different compounds found naturally in the vegetable.
This substance can lower blood sugar levels and may have a limited benefit in lowering high blood cholesterol levels as well. This herb is well known for its benefits on eyesight, but it also has the ability to lower blood sugar that is elevated.
Still, given the relatively safe properties of herbs as opposed to drugs, it is worth looking into this strategy for your needs. Dilation allows the doctor to look for diseases such as retinopathy, one of the most common complications of diabetes. It has been discovered that royal jelly has compounds that restrain the pro-inflammatory compounds and reduces inflammation as well as pain. It inhibits the accumulation of BPA, which is linked with breast cancer and eliminates the risk of developing the terrible disease. So if you are a pre-diabetic or borderline diabetic or diabetes is part of your family read ahead to find ways to control this sweet menace using diet, supplements and natural remedies.
Getting quality sleep every night can help reduce stress hormone levels and is great for blood sugar.
In fact, anyone who wants to be sure that their overall health is good will want to understand the Glycemic Index and why it’s so important. What’s more, a study found that adding fat to some carbohydrates can reduce their blood sugar effect. For those who are pre-diabetic, exercise should be considered a key strategy for reducing blood sugar and therefore insulin. According to Deen, she cut her carbs to about a spoonful per meal—and, as People Magazine reported—she was able to drop 30 pounds even while dealing with diabetes. Talk to your doctor about the strategies you can use to get off of your diabetes medications. Read the reviews at for physical and dietary solutions that are completely natural, safe, and effective at treating diabetes.
As it relates to diabetes, acupuncture helps reduce painful nerve damage brought on by diabetic neuropathy. However, chromium is not currently recommended by many health institutions as its influence on diabetes is not yet fully understood. These remedies may include chitosan, hydroxicitric acid, pyruvate, Chinese bitter melon, germander, sweet leaf bush, or aristolochic acid. It can be obtained as the bulk dried herb, tincture, or capsule form at health food stores.
Sprinkling good quality cinnamon on food such as a whole grain bowl of oatmeal can help control blood sugar levels. Make sure to ask your doctor before trying any herb, as many can interact with drugs you are taking and change the blood levels of the drugs up or down or cause other types of side effects such as diarrhea.
Remember that while you want things that can help lower blood sugar, their effects could cause your usual doses of medication to become too much -- and you could end up with too low a blood sugar until your doctor adjusts your medication doses. This is one of several herbs that pregnant or nursing women should not use -- so again, talking with your doctor about your personal situation before trying any herb is very important. Metformin, a drug commonly used in diabetic treatment, can upset your stomach for which isabgol works as a save guard. Or, if you’re pre-diabetic, take action now to ensure that you never have to worry about developing the disease yourself. Strict vegetarians who do not take sufficient vitamins are at risk to develop vitamin B12 deficiency. You can supercharge your blood sugar benefits from cinnamon by taking it with other powerful nutrients and herbs - such as Glucodefense, with not only cinnamon, but also berberine and chromium working together for you.
That is why is it is very important to let your doctor know what you are doing and ask for help making these adjustment in drugs. It can take several cups of bilberry to lower blood sugar, but again, this can vary from person to person.
A dietitian can help you develop an eating plan that's right for your age, weight, activity level, and medications, and can also set daily calorie and carbohydrate targets.
Lets us look at a few properties of this natural food, which makes it clear why one should add it to diet. Eating a diet rich in fibre helps the body to absorb sugars slowly, which in turn keeps blood sugar levels balanced. Chitraka mool corrects all aspects of digestive system; digestion, assimilation of food and evacuation of feces. Navayas Lauh is useful in indigestion, anemia, and eye diseases, and against all skin diseases. Apples, apricots, beets, berries, carrots, citrus fruits, parsnips, and winter squash are some fruits and vegetables which are rich in soluble fibre. High blood sugar levels can damage nerves in your feet, leaving you unable to feel cuts, blisters, and other injuries.
Soluble fibre is also helpful in lowering elevated LDL cholesterol levels, a serious problem in many people with diabetes. High blood sugar also increases your risk of infection, allowing a simple blister to develop into a grave problem in a matter of days.
It’s also useful in management of heart diseases which are having their origin in anemia, as well as in management of hemorrhoids. People with type 2 diabetes are often insulin resistant, meaning their bodies don't use insulin properly and they need extra insulin to allow their cells to take in sugar from their blood.
Exercise appears to increase insulin sensitivity, improving glucose uptake to your body's cells. Any activity that raises your heart rate enough to make it slightly difficult to talk (brisk walking, taking the stairs, vacuuming vigorously) counts toward your daily total. The benefits are real: Shed just 5% to 10% of your body weight to dramatically improve glucose control, Campbell says.

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