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If the bowel movement is abnormal like change in shape, color, frequency indicates some serious problems like abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. An individual suffering from irritable bowel problem on every alternate day needs to bring about changes in their diet chart. One should taking high fiber vegetables like turnip, peas, artichokes, broccoli, sweet corn and Brussels sprouts. Green tea is considered to be very healthy and helps to produce bowel movement that easy, smooth and soft.
People suffering from irregular bowel problems should be consuming green tea at least twice daily. A person suffering from irregular bowel movement can look for water therapy as a good natural remedy.
Lot of people practices water therapy because it helps in getting rid from stomach related issues. If you are suffering from irregular bowel problems .You can add ground flax seeds in your eating habits. Another good remedy which helps to loosen and soften your bowel movement is eating cashew nuts. It helps in easy motions during morning hour’s .With consistence use one can get rid of constipation problems.
Another good way of relieving oneself from the problem of irregular bowel movement and constipation is through homeopathic treatment. Some common medicines are Bryonia, Calcarea carbonica and Causticum which helps to reduce the discomfort in passing of stool.
Lockjaw is a commonly observed condition that causes muscle spasms in the jaw muscles and the affected person is unable to open the mouth.
Mustard oil helps to improve the blood circulation in the affected area and is very useful as a natural cure for lockjaw. It contains natural antimicrobial properties that can help cure any infection that might be responsible for lockjaw.
Lockjaw can cause a lot of pain in the jaw region, which may even radiate to your neck and shoulders. Wrong posture can contribute to the onset of this condition and is a major cause of TMJ that causes lockjaw. Calcium helps to strengthen the bones in your body and is an effective natural cure for lockjaw, providing relief from pain due to this condition. Many herbs such as valerian, passionflower, kava kava, catnip, nettle, chamomile and feverfew are useful as natural cures for lockjaw. Kava kava is especially useful for reducing anxiety and helping a person affected with lockjaw to relax.
Homeopathy is very effective in treating the symptoms of lockjaw with the use of natural medicines that do not cause any side effects. The treatment aims at treating the condition from its roots and providing a permanent solution.
It is best to eat a variety of foods so that you get all required vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy. There are certain special jaw exercises for lockjaw that can help treat this condition and prevent it in the future, if done correctly and regularly.
Fatty liver is an ailment that is caused when large amount of triglyceride fat accumulates in the liver. Lean diet and occurrences of ailments like tuberculosis and intestinal bypass surgery for obesity are some of the causes of fatty liver. Exercise: A large number of studies and researches have showed that fatty liver can be improved with the help of exercise.
Weight reduction: Weight reduction is the primary necessity of the individual who is suffering from fatty liver.
Tinea, or ringworm infection, progressively worsens if you do not take adequate measures to treat it. The powerful enzymes that are present in papaya can destroy the fungus which triggers this skin disease. Leave the papaya juices on the skin for a good twenty minutes before washing the excess juices off with cold water.
The powerful antifungal properties of oregano oil can effectively cure mild to moderate ringworm infection.

Tea Tree Oil contains powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties which can treat a variety of skin ailments including ringworm infection. Dip a cotton ball in some apple cider vinegar and swab the site of the ringworm infection with it. One can treat their problems through injections, painkillers and drugs prescribed by doctors. Early morning drinking 5-6 glasses of water empty stomach gives relief from constipation problem. It helps in proper digestion of food and one doesn’t face any kind of constipation problem. When a stool is hard and difficult to pass with homeopathic remedy one can achieve easy and smooth bowel movements. Garlic has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the inflammation in the affected area.
So, boil a few garlic cloves in some mustard oil and use the cooled oil to massage your jaw two to three times a day. It relaxes your jaw muscles and the nervous system as such, which can provide relief from pain and also heals the condition quickly. You can get it naturally from food sources such as milk and milk products, banana, cabbage, spinach, oranges, unpolished rice, coconut, almonds, etc. An herbal tea prepared with any of these herbs can be taken regularly to get relief from the symptoms of lockjaw. Feverfew is effective in treating pain and reduces the soreness in the affected muscles, thus acting as a perfect natural cure for lockjaw. These medicines are very safe to take and can be consumed by pregnant or elderly people as well. It is important to have a well balanced diet as deficiency of certain vitamins can cause conditions like lockjaw.
Include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Consume whole grains, and avoid eating junk foods completely. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Just accumulation of the fat does not damage the liver but on the other hand can lead to gain in weight or diabetes mellitus. Immediate steps must be taken to stop the intake of alcohol if the individual is prone to alcohol consumption.
Steps must be taken so that the weight is reduced and fatty liver can be combated effectively.
Powerful herbs like Dandelion, southern ginseng, gotu kola and milk thistle help to cure fatty liver.
Repeat this process at least twice a day for ten to fifteen days.To cure ringworm infection, you can also apply raw papaya paste directly over the rash. You can apply the juice extracted from fresh basil leaves on the affected area to treat hormonal acne.
You can create a tonic by boiling willow bark in water and consume this tonic 3 to 4 times in a day to reduce hormonal acne.
You can consume aloe vera juice (2 tablespoons) every morning (empty stomach) to cure hormonal acne. Consumption of a tonic prepared by boiling dried oregon grape in water multiple times in a day can provide relief from the symptoms of hormonal acne. Different poses in exercises and yoga helps to relax and also increases the blood flow area which helps to loosen the bowel movement and makes it easy to pass.
A clicking sound is heard when the affected person tries to open the mouth as the joint locks in place.
So, it’s a good idea to use some natural cures to get relief from the pain and faster healing of the condition. You can also use a heating pad that will help loosen the stiff muscles in these areas and reduce pain due to lockjaw. Some of the natural food sources of magnesium are almonds, Brazil nuts, avocados, flaxseeds, oatmeal, yogurt, corn, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds, spinach, pumpkin, etc. The homeopath prescribes these medicines according to the symptoms observed and the personality of an individual.
Do this exercise regularly every day till you hear a clicking sound, and then you will be able to open your mouth completely.

Ingestion of alcohol can cause the triggering of fat accumulation in the liver which can be dangerous for the already fatty liver. This highly communicable disease is typically transmitted from an infected animal to a human being, or when a person comes in close contact with an individual already having this skin infection. In this article we will examine some amazing natural cures to treat this contagious skin disease successfully. Repeat this treatment process twice a day for at least one week to witness palpable results. Apply the garlic paste on the ringworm rash.Although your skin may sting violently, the antibacterial and anti fungal properties of garlic will heal the last traces of this highly contagious skin infection. The antibacterial and anti fungal properties of turmeric and honey have found to be highly effective in healing a variety of skin infections including ringworm infection. Repeat this process once a day for a fortnight.Tea tree oil not only cures ring worm infection but it also heals the dry skin which forms around the rashes. You need to persist with this natural cure for a couple of days to witness palpable results.
Hormonal imbalance leads to over production of oil in the body which may result in the formation of acne. You can prepare a cup of tea by boiling the dried chasteberry powder in water and consume this tea 2 to 3 times in a day to reduce hormonal acne.
You can create a solution by mixing tea tree oil (2 tablespoons) with water (2 tablespoons) and apply this solution on the affected area (with the help of a cotton swab) on a daily basis to treat hormonal acne. Natural approaches are free from all side effects and lot of people prefers to treat the problems of abnormal bowel movement naturally. We can eat handful of cashew nuts early morning empty makes the bowel movement easy and soft. Apart from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), there are other causes of lockjaw such as inflamed muscles and soft tissue, injury, grinding of teeth, arthritis and tetanus infections. If you are having this problem repetitively, you may have to take therapy and proper medical advice in order to diagnose the underlying cause of this disorder. It is best to sleep on your back and avoid sleeping on your side as that can worsen this condition. Some of the symptoms of fatty liver are nausea, dry mouth, appetite loss, fever, mental confusion, weakness and fatigue. Regular conduction of exercises not only helps to improve the LDL cholesterol level but also stimulates circulation thereby flushing out the fats from the liver. Intake of plenty of fresh green vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, proteins etc help in the curing of fatty liver. To cure the ringworm infection completely, apply garlic paste on the skin rash once a day for ten to twelve days. You have to apply the turmeric and honey paste for at least one whole week to completely cure this skin disease.
Further, causes of hormonal acne may include obesity, diabetes, irregular menstrual cycle and so on. A cup of tea prepared by boiling basil leaves in water can be consumed 3 to 4 times in a day to treat hormonal acne. Dried chasteberry powder (2 or 3 teaspoons) can also be consumed with water every morning before breakfast to obtain the desired results. A mixture of tea tree and jojoba oil can also be applied on the affected area to obtain the desired results. Direct application of aloe vera gel on the affected area can also provide relief from the symptoms of hormonal acne. There is no frequency to define that one should be having only one bowel movement everyday but if it’s more than three times a day watery stool indicates diarrhea and less than three in a week indicates the problem of constipation.
Drinking water regularly will keep your muscles and joints in good shape, thus preventing lockjaw. You can also apply basil oil on the affected area to reduce the inflammation resulting from hormonal acne. You can also apply a mixture of aloe vera gel and honey on the affected area several times in a day to obtain effective results.

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