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You never know, what you have to say or the advice you give could be just what that person needs. Unfortunately, modern farming methods have now left our foods almost totally void of calcium and magnesium - so you will definitely need to supplement. Taking coral calcium supplements is one of the best ways to receive calcium and magnesium at the correct ratio and many also come with added vitamin D for good measure (such as this one). In addition to taking coral calcium, you need to make sure you use a transdermal oil spray for an extra supply of magnesium.
Magnesium is the most important mineral for the human body, especially the nerves, but is quite poorly assimilated internally. However, with a transdermal magnesium spray it gets absorbed 100% through the pores of the skin straight into the blood stream.
This is a very powerful way to get the magnesium you need into the nerve fibers and myelin sheath. The only down side to a transdermal spray is it can be a bit uncomfortable on the skin (it gives a tingly feeling), but the inconvenience is definitely worth it. For vitamin D, be sure to take a good quality high strength vitamin D3 supplement with added K2 for absorption and get plenty of regular sunshine. The recommended daily intake for vitamin D according to vitamin D expert, Dr Cedric Garland, is between 4000 and 8000 IU's per day, so make sure you get this amount.
Head in the 2006 issue of Alternative Medicine Review, found the EFA's alpha-Lipoic acid and gamma linolenic acid, along with omega-3's, can help with peripheral neuropathy by increasing nerve blood flow.
This in turn reduces and even completely alleviates the symptoms including the numbness, burning, tingling and coldness.
Essential fatty acids also help to reduce inflammation, another common trigger for peripheral neuropathy. For evening primrose oil, take 1,300 mg's daily and for fish oil take around 4000 mg's each day.

L-Carnitine: The University of Maryland Medical Center reported that diabetics who suffer from peripheral neuropathy symptoms can regain the normal sensations back in their limbs when they increase their intake of L-Carnitine (acetyl-L-carnitine).
B Group Vitamins: B group vitamins, particularly, B6 and B12 are crucial for reducing neuropathic pain and inflammation. Most diabetic sufferers are chronically deficient in B12 so this nutrient should be of particular importance if you have diabetes.
Castor oil: Castor oil helps to restore nerve tissue and heal damaged nerves - and is particularly good for alleviating the tingling and numbness. Simply massage your limbs, hands and feet with the oil and leave on so it penetrates the skin.
Capsaicin Cream: Cayenne pepper contains a powerful pain and inflammation relieving substance called capsaicin. Many peripheral neuropathy suffers use a topical capsaicin cream daily and report astonishing results - so be sure to give this one a go.
Just make sure you test it out on yourself first using a small amount as capsaicin can sometimes burn sensitive skin. Diet: What you eat and your lifestyle factors are critical when it comes to treating peripheral neuropathy. Other harmful foods you want to avoid include sugar, processed foods, fast food, junk food, sodas, processed milk products, foods sprayed with pesticides, and trans-fatty acids. Sweeteners and artificial additives contained in diet sodas and processed foods, such as MSG and aspartame, harm the nervous system tremendously and must be avoided. And don't forget to drink plenty of clean filtered water everyday to flush out the toxins and chemicals from bodily organs.Finally, try and do some light moderate exercise each day.
If you suffer from diabetes then we would strongly recommend you take the time to read our informative article on natural treatments and home remedies for diabetes.

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