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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. While you can use medications and insulin injections to manage diabetes, natural methods are the only way to not only manage diabetes but to also reverse diabetes (type 2 diabetes) as well as keep the complications related to type 1 diabetes to a minimum.
You can also take 2 teaspoons of salt on a cotton cloth and then place it on the affected areas. You can also add 2-3 drops of apple cider vinegar on a wet cotton ball and then apply it on the affected areas. You can also apply the peppermint oil directly on the affected areas by taking it on a cotton ball and massaging it for 30 minutes daily. Parsley tea can also be applied on the swollen feet and ankles using a cotton ball. So getting rid of swollen feet and ankles is not that difficult and by following the above mentioned natural cures you can easily get good results within a very short time.
Generally, umbilical hernia is found in the case of infants, but there might be a chance of occurrence in the adults as well. The main cause of an umbilical hernia is when fluid, tissue or a part of an organ like the intestine pushes through a damaged part of the abdominal wall.
Stress is the main cause of umbilical hernias, as stress will intensify acid reflux and stomach ailments.
Intake of higher protein food and fat food like chicken, tuna, lentils, cottage cheese, skim milk, and other beans will weaken the abdominal wall, which leads to hernia development. If you take high fiber food like dark-green vegetables, and unrefined whole grains and fruits to reduce the risk of constipation, then they can also weaken the abdominal wall.
Licorice root is very useful for curing the damaged areas of the abdomen (the main cause of the umbilical hernia).
Impotence or erectile dysfunction means the inability of a man to maintain his sex organ erected during sexual activities. Make a soup by boiling a few drumstick flowers with 250 ml milk and have it for one week to heal the problem in a faster way.
If you know for certain that it is the liver where you are feeling the pain then you should not at all take it lightly. So if there is a pain in the location of the liver you should visit the doctor. There can be some serious downsides to liver pain.
These two spice are not only culinary wonders, they can work well for your liver pain as well.

Your liver is tasked with separating the toxins from the blood and letting go of them through urine. If you are not taking sufficient amount of water then the toxins go on accumulating and result in burdening the liver which may ultimately result in failure of the liver. So take a lot of water every day so as to flush out all the toxins and let the liver heave a sigh of relief.
Herbs have long been used for natural healing because they are not only effective but also come with few or no side effects compared to prescription medications and other conventional methods.
Massage it 4 times daily as it will help you to get rid of the swollen feet and ankles within a very short time.
Massage it for 30 minutes daily in order to get rid of the swollen feet and ankles within a short time. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
If the adult is pregnant, overweight and having excess fluid in the abdomen, then umbilical hernia occurs. Though a surgery is recommended by most of the doctors for this disease, there are a lot of natural remedies to get rid of the umbilical hernia.
The food that you take everyday should consist all the above-mentioned things, but in a balanced manner. It is also important for the curing of damaged areas of esophagus and stomach lining that causes the hernia. Chewing two or three garlic cloves everyday for two weeks helps you to recover the impotence problem quickly. Eat one piece of raw onion everyday as it gives the power to re-production organs and increases your libido.
A mixture of the powder of drumstick bark, boiled water and honey should be taken thrice daily for one month to get relief from the syndrome. Moreover, it contains bifidus, an excellent nutrient which can also help the liver to get rid of harmful bacteria that may have sustained on the toxic metabolic byproducts.
So to unburden your liver and make it function properly you should take a lot of yogurt daily.
If curious about herbal cures for diabetes, here are the top herbal remedies for diabetes that may work for you. After that make your feet and ankles dry and then massage some apple cider vinegar on them.

You can also apply this tea using a cotton cloth on the affected areas to get rid of the swelling easily. It helps to pacify the lining of the digestive region and prevents the production of stomach acids. You can also use it in the form of a paste, externally on the hernia affected area to ease the symptoms. You have to be careful during exercise as an improperly performed exercise such as heavy lifting can put a strain on the abdominal area as well as visceral muscles. Depression, stress, tiredness, paralysis and diabetes are the different causes of impotence. Garlic can be taken in the form of juice, which acts like a tonic to increase the sexual ability in the human being. To get rid of impotence, take one tsp ginger juice every night before sleeping for one month. Lemon, orange and grapefruit help to lower the sodium level in liver which may be responsible for some debilitating disease of the liver such as cirrhosis or fatty liver.
You can also add some crushed garlic cloves to a cup of hot water, boil it and then steep it for few minutes.
If hawthornia is used early, then it can prevent the development of umbilical hernia and limits its growth as well. Thankfully, there are some natural treatments to heal the problem fast and in a safe manner. Eating of some chopped carrots in the early morning while your stomach is empty, is very beneficial in this case. You can also prepare juice of asparagus root, mix it with a glass of boiled milk, and take it twice daily for two months. Its responsibilities include some of the very basic metabolic functions such as storage of glycogen to be used as energy as and when needed. It also may be taken with an egg that is half boiled and some honey for two or three months, this will boost up the sexual power.

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