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Normally this would have knocked me away from the car but in Iceland it isn't very often you come across good E30's, especially pre facelift ones.
Then in the middle of the process I was offered from Alpina (he's here on R3v) newly restored complete brakes for the car, drilled and slotted discs and new bushnings and more.
Car was a little bit high here, I had put the cabrio springs at the back, yeah big mistake I know, put the mtech ones back and the car went a little lower, need to buy a new set soon.
Also in the process of rebuilding the car I bought a lot of new stuff, lights, screws, buttons, plastic interior stuff and such other. At RW Carbon we believe in a better industry where the customer's needs come before all else and we guarantee product satisfaction.

I had always wanted driving something that i built myself and had some kind of meaning for me.
Then when all the stripping had finished we slowly started putting the new and used parts on the car. Installed a E36 steering rack and also a hydraulic steering system (The car didn't have that before). I have over 2000 photos and other stuff from it but its a bit long for me to post everything. It's very light, aroung 1100-1200 kg which is very small for a jeep with these tires and modifications.

Our team of professionals are here to help you with any questions you may have with any of our carbon fiber aero parts or accessories.
People down here are ALWAYS drooling over FJ-80s and 100s that are built up for your type of wheeling, looks like your rig is just a smaller version of it!

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