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Each Chrome Auto Emblem has a strong 3M adhesive foam back, but can also be easily removed without damage to paint or surface. We tend to think of poverty as a fixed point of desperation, something far removed from us that only foreign missionaries encounter. The truth is this: many of your neighbors in Birmingham are trapped in a cycle of generational poverty.
People trapped in generational poverty need more than money to escape the cycle that debilitates families from having enough.

M-POWER Ministries gives people opportunities to break this cycle and venture toward enough.
Since I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, I combined a couple images I found online to make some new lock screen wallpapers for my iPhone 4s.
If you compare their wealth to that of people in Africa, Latin America, or India, how do they stack up?
In 2006 I joined Oakley to head up the web business and run digital strategy for the brand.

All of our chrome emblems have a 3M adhesive foam tape backing for easy installation indoors or outdoors.

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