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One of my nerdiest hobbies is tweaking the software on my HTPC, a custom Windows 7 box I built with a very good friend of mine after its predecessor fell short of my expectations.
Navigate to the MCERemote add-on and follow the instructions therein to apply (and optionally customize) the changes.
For each of the launchers you create, highlight them in the add-on menu and hit C on your keyboard. I ran into issues closing XBMC entirely and re-opening it on app exit, so in this case XBMC will remain open while Netflix and Hulu play in the foreground. In a comment from last Summer, I recommended compiling the AutoHotkey scripts to executables so they’d work with Advanced Launcher. Thanks for the info as I’ve been looking for an easy way to watch netflix outside of XBMC.
If neither of those work, I would first try to create a simple Windows shortcut that can launch Netflix.
How would you modify the script to launch Internet Explorer and then return to XBMC when closed?
I would try using a similar script, but replacing the Run executable with Iexplore.exe and the Win titles with Windows Internet Explorer.
I’m running into an issue where the Green Button will start XBMC using the AHK script you posted, but once the splash screen for XBMC comes up, it just hangs. If this fixes the problem, then there’s probably an issue with how your PC is handling the Green Button or Control+Shift+Win shortcut.
Previously, one could get to know the six members through the web drama ‘To Be Continued’ where they starred as the leads with Kim SaeRon. As their debut comes closer and closer, Astro has become more active on their fan cafe, with new images being uploaded every day plus various fan meetings so everyone can get to know them better.

For those who have taken the path alongside these soon-to-be rookies, you are in luck for more Astro action as the guys are getting a new reality show called ‘Astro Ok!’. I have been a huge follower of Astro since I since ‘To Be Continued’ and I must say that these boys do not fail to entertain.
We are driven by our passion for all things kpop and our loyal followers without whom none of this would be possible. Print February 2016 Calendar with Holidays and Week Numbers quickly and easily, landscape format. I thought I’d share how I got it to launch the Netflix portion of Windows Media Center and Hulu Desktop from the home screen using AutoHotkey and a couple of add-ons. This makes the customization of these commands pretty frustrating, and the software that’s available to help you through it is either over-reaching or completely unintuitive. You should see a little AutoHotkey icon in your taskbar indicating that a script is running. Navigate to your add-ons and select either Advanced Launcher or Executor (depending on what you installed earlier).
Now you should be able to enjoy XBMC, Netflix and Hulu in harmony from the comfort of your living room. This works fine for my setup which has a reasonably robust processor, but may be a non-starter for slower systems. If you can make that work successfully, try plugging the path you used into your AHK script. I think this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, although I feel like I am missing something. It looks like the advanced launcher will only let me point to a file with the .exe extension.

Be prepared to experiment and do a lot of guessing and checking till you get the experience you want. Always nice to hear I’m not the only one out there resigning myself to a bunch of disconnected, closed devices.
This will allow you to run the script without the keyboard command, which may help you diagnose if the issue is something in the script itself or a conflict with the Green Button mapping that MCERemote established. Starting on January 21 at 7 pm KST, the first episode will take a look at a more intimate side to their training and dorm life. If you want to get to know them more, I definitely recommend checking out their videos on YouTube as you can see them taking on covers of Big Bang, SHINee, and BTS, along with original pieces they have created themselves. We will keep you all up-to-date with all the latest news, competitions, events, etc, and we hope you will watch us rise as a new platform for kpop fans to unite under.
Thankfully, the MCERemote add-on helps us deal with that pesky issue by remapping those commands to more agreeable keystrokes. Aeon Nox also lets me set custom backdrops, which I created especially for Netflix and Hulu. If that still doesn’t work, I encourage you to dive into the AutoHotkey docs to improve upon the script. When I setup the launcher through adv launcher am I supposed to point it to the .ahk file or the actual hulu desktop executable?

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