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Proximus, also known as Belgacom Mobile, is the largest of Belgium's three mobile telecommunications companies. Please warn us if you consider Proximus logo to be incorrect, obsolete or having wrong description. All logos available here are the property of their owners and presented under the fair use policy.
There are many mobile providers in Belgium, but only three actually own the physical towers and radio spectrum: Proximus, Mobistar, and Base. The following is a list of the mobile providers in Belgium with links to more info about each.
How much you will use the internet? Picking the right Belgian mobile internet package requires some research as well as consideration about how much you will use the internet. How often will you make calls? Each company has different costs for making and receiving calls. What other options will you need on your mobile? There are many options and its hard to compare.

There are many other elements to evaluating a package, but the simplest way to begin is to identify your primary use (internet or phone) and where you will use it most often. Samsung last week announced the Galaxy Note 4, its newest high-end, extra-large handset that comes to succeed the popular Note 3, Note II and original Note. Unfortunately, the Note 4 wona€™t be released before October 10, so therea€™s still a full month ahead before most of us will be able to buy it.
Providers come and go as the market changes, so expect this list to only ever be a partial listing. Proximus’ network has the densest 3G coverage and they are just beginning to roll out 4G (LTE). The Belgian telecommunications regulator, BIPT, has a tool to compare mobile, internet, and telephone options in Belgium. Like the previous models, the Note 4 will be available in several color versions - Samsung is calling them "Charcoal Black," "Frost White," a€?Blossom Pinka€?, and "Bronze Gold.a€?If youa€™re looking forward to buying the Galaxy Note 4, youa€™ve probably already decided which color you like best. The good news is that, just like the Note 3, the new Galaxy Note will be widely available around the world.

If you want a more complete list, you could also try this full list of mobile providers in Belgium.
Other operators have mixed coverage around the country so it is worth checking the coverage map to understand how good the signal will be where you live and work. Wea€™re curious to see if the classic colors (black and white) are more appreciated than the fancy ones (gold and pink), thata€™s why wea€™re asking you to pick your favorite Note 4 variant in the poll below. In the US, all four major carriers will have it, most likely for prices starting at $299 on contract. To find out more about Samsunga€™s latest and greatest phablet, check out our Galaxy Note 4 hands-on, our Note 4 in-depth video overview, our quick comparison with the Note 3, and a detailed look at all the specs that the Note 4 comes with.

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