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Met de komst van mijn iPhone 4 ben ik zonder twijfelen overgestapt van proximus naar Mobile Vikings.
Mijn oude proximus SIM werkte niet meer (ik kreeg Zoeken… te zien) na enkele dagen, dus de nummeroverdracht was een feit. Al contact opgenomen met MV maar die raden me aan om een papiertje achter mijn SIM te steken. Wie kan mij helpen met deze vervelende situatie want ik wil mijn toestel nu wel echt eens ten volle gaan gebruiken . Verder probeer je iphone eens te herstellen mayb heeft hij gewoon slechte zin en wil hij daarom niet werken. IntroductionWhen Sammy introduced the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active last year, it seemed as though many owners of the beloved Galaxy S4 were suddenly shocked by the revelation a€“ a waterproof version of their existing handset. Nach mehrmonatiger Planungs- und Bauzeit konnte Anfang Marz endlich das 5-Sterne-Luxus-Insektenhotel im Schulgarten der NMS-Wilten aufgestellt werden. Die hochoffizielle Eroffnung nahm Frau LHStvin Ingrid Felipe anlasslich ihres Besuchs an der NMS Wilten vor. Unter Anleitung und mit tatkraftiger Hilfe der Werklehrerin Monika Marz und KV Marion Pedevilla gelang es der Klasse 4a aus den verschiedensten Naturmaterialien eine Heimstatte fur die tierischen Bewohner des Schulgartens und seiner Umgebung zu schaffen. Die Ubergabe an die neuen Bewohner konnte wie geplant noch vor der Fortpflanzungsperiode erfolgen - auch dank der Hilfe unseres Schulwartes Herrn Langle, der fur die fachgerechte und stabile Montage gesorgt hat. Eerst komt er die simlock boodschap op (kreeg net hetzelfde met mijn uitgeknipte proximus kaartje), dus ik geef mijn PIN in. Aangezien die SIM tray van de iPhone zo een kreng is lijkt me dat niet aangeraden want wat als dat papiertje blijft steken. Want ik ben ook wel geinteresseerd in Mobile Vikings, maar natuurlijk niet als het niet werkt.

Misschien dat het aan men jailbreak lag, al zie ik niet echt hoe deze een SIM kan beinvloeden.
Naturally, the nature of the phonea€™s arrival woulda€™ve been less shocking if Galaxy S4 owners were somehow prepped ahead of time about the Galaxy S4 Activea€™s impending arrival, but they werena€™t. Wir freuen uns ganz besonders uber die Wertschatzung durch die Offentlichkeit, denn die Herstellung dieses gelungenen Werks kostete einiges an Zeit und Muhe.
So entstand ein vielfaltig gestalteter Lebensraum, der vor allem geflugelten Gasten wie Wildbienen, Kafern und Schmetterlingen sowohl Ruckzugsgelegenheit, aber auch Nist- und Uberwinterungsmoglichkeiten bieten soll.
Der gerade im stadtischen Bereich teils dramatische Wohnungsmangel fur diese Tiere konnte dadurch fur die Zukunft etwas gemildert werden.
Who wouldna€™t be a bit pissed, especially when it bears nearly the same hardware specs of the flagship?The feeling is less intense this time, thankfully. Even before its official announcement, we all knew that we were going to see variants of the Galaxy S5 in due time a€“ with one of them being an even more ruggedized version.
Enter the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, which like before, bears many of the elements and specs of its esteemed cousin. As we already know all too well, the Galaxy S5 now has a water-resistant element, so why even bother with the Active?
Just like last yeara€™s Active, this one sports a more ruggedized design a€“ one that doesna€™t care for a fanciful looks. Rather, ita€™s comprised out of sturdier plastic materials that seem light years more solid than the one used by the Galaxy S5, so ita€™s able to withstand serious punishment. Naturally, the design language of the phone makes perfect, especially when it meets military specification 810g and is IP67 certified.No doubt a solidly constructed thing, it can really take a beating like no other. Whereas the Galaxy S5 might flex and bend when abused, the Galaxy S5 Active is unfazed by any sort of destructive handling.

Topping it off, its built-like-a-tank chassis makes it dust proof, drop proof, shock proof, and water resistant in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. You can have fun using the phone in a pool with no worries, but if you drop it on rough terrain, its body is obviously prone to scratches. Despite having an unsavory design, Samsung is kind enough to offer it in three colors a€“ titanium grey, camo green, and ruby red. Our only complaint is just the slippery feel of the handset.Looking around the body of the Galaxy S5 Active, it packs many of the same familiar ports and buttons already found on the Galaxy S5. Indeed, health fanatics will appreciate the heart rate sensor, but in all fairness, it merely adds only to its geek cred.However, Sammy has opted to omit the finger print sensor, and swapped the usual capacitive Android buttons with the physical set here. We dona€™t mind the latter change, seeing that a physical response is something wea€™d prefer with a ruggedized phone, but some folks might be turned off by the fact they removed the finger print sensor. Needless to say, it woulda€™ve been nice to see, but nevertheless, we can live without it.In the past, the battery compartments of most ruggedized phones would employ a latch mechanism to keep the battery compartment tightly closed.
Well, the times are changing because the Galaxy S5 Active, much like its cousin, only relies on a snap-on plastic rear cover to keep it firmly protected against submersion. Luckily, the battery continues to be accessible on this one a€“ plus, therea€™s a microSD slot here as well.

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