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Durafly once again set the standard with this beautiful Mk 24 Spitfire, no Warbird collection could be complete without this most iconic of fighters, the Spitfire was the only allied fighter to be in service from pre to post WW2, this final version of RJ Mitchell’s masterpiece was a testament to the brilliance of his design. As well as looking fantastic, this Spitfire is plug and fly, meaning very little assembly work is needed. We have flown this superb Spitfire extensively during testing and it will not disappoint, it is easy to fly but is so realistic and capable that it will satisfy the most seasoned warbird pilot. I’m liking the new planes Durafly is adding to there list and the great detail they put into there planes,keep up the great work. Sig Sauer will soon stop production of their Sig P226 Navy and will be replacing it with their new P226 MK25 pistol. It’s definitely a beauty, but what is the difference between the original and new other than the tag? Yesterday we told you that SIG SAUER is going to stop producing the SIG P226 Navy and replace it with the new Sig P226 MK 25.  Today, we have the pics and info of the new SIG P226 MK 25.

The Mk 24′s graceful yet aggressive lines make it one of the most handsome fighters ever built and there can be no doubt, Durafly have captured the very essence of the ultimate Spitfire! The powerful outrunner motor, ESC, navigation lights, servoless electric retracts, split flaps & servos are all pre-installed leaving you with little to do, in fact you could easily be in the air in less than half an hour! A majority of the products we review are purchased by ourselves, however a few items are provided free of charge. At 1100mm wing span, the Spitfire is easy to transport, helped by it’s easily removable wing and as it uses the ever-green 2200mAh 3s Lipoly battery, the Spit is as practical and cheap to run as the rest of the Durafly range. Spitfires have a reputation for being prone to ground handling difficulties at times but not this Spitfire! The modular design of the Spitfire also means parts are easy and fast to replace in the case of the worst happening, so your pride and joy can look pristine at all times!
The combination of raked forward, yet scale looking & pre-installed retracts, effective tailwheel steering and generous size scale rudder make this Spitfire amazingly well behaved on the ground.

The new MK25 chambered in 9mm is expected to run $100 more than the current P226 Navy for a total of $1,100.
This is the best Durafly Warbird yet, it is easy to build and fly yet offers superbly realistic speed, climb rate & aerobatic performance while being practical yet charismatic, it is a true classic! The new Sig 225 MK25 features 2 piece grips, night sights and a 1913 picatinny rail and phosphate coated internal parts.

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