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Missha makes several BB Creams, and they have the following comparison chart (click to enlarge). When first applied, the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream looks quite pale and oddly colored, but after blending in and waiting about 30 seconds, it seems to adjust to my skin color and look great.
Most foundations wear well on me, and this is no exception – it lasts all day all on me when set with powder (either my trusty Guerlain pressed or a new one I have been testing). Overall, I love this BB Cream – I’ve been wearing it frequently, and I would highly recommend checking it out! This entry was posted in *Reviews, Asian Brands, BB Cream and tagged korean bb cream, korean brands, missha by Emi S.

There are fakes, but luckily most of the Korean sellers are selling the real thing – rubyruby76 for example is known to be legitimate. I couldn’t find good quality swatches of the different shades, but from the swatches I did find, I suspected that 21 might be too light and 23 too dark. So, I decided to purchase both 21 and 23 in the smaller size, with the idea that I would probably need to mix them. If I squeeze out a pea size amount on to the back of my hand and turn my hand upside down,the dollop of BB Creams stays intact. I suspect that I will be able to get a good color match in the summer by flipping the proportions – one part 21 to two parts 23.

I like a decent amount of coverage and find that this provides great coverage without looking like you are wearing foundation.

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