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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The XDM is equipped with a match grade barrel, minimal reset trigger, and Melonite finish right out of the box making this an exceptional performing gun. Springfield's XD features a number of simple safety features that help prevent accidental discharges. The M Factor features 2-13 round stainless steel magazines making it one of the highest capacity polymer pistols in the industry.

This gun comes in a hard plastic gun case equipped with a gun lock, two stainless steel 13 round magazines, belt holster, double magazine pouch, and magazine loader.
No samples were available but they had what they called their Ghost XD poster hanging up announcing the existence of the pistol. Well let me point you in the right direction by mentioning the up coming .45 caliber Spring Field Armory XD(M). According to the Springfield Reps, execs from the company flew to Croatia last week most likely to finalize things with this new pistol.

Reps said it was real hush hush and thought the prototype would make an appearance at the show, so I will have to check back every day to check. Since there is all of the secrecy no one knew or would talk about MSRP, colors, barrel lengths.

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