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Ella Leyers, de dochter van Jan Leyers en die we allemaal kennen van Tegen De Sterren Op en haar rolletje in F.C.
Iemand als Ella Leyers verdient het om als gast in een praatprogramma te zetelen en een overzicht te geven van al het moois wat ze in zo korte tijd verwezenlijkte. Parties of the proceeding are always the patient, the doctor, respectively the owner of the hospital and the doctor’s insurance. Upon conclusion of a panel proceeding the case data will be collected by MERS (Medical Error Reporting System) in a data pool of the Norddeutsche Schlichtungsstelle: patient-gender, patient-age, reason for treatment, (diagnosis corresponding to “ICD10”), patient-reproach, relevant medical measures, negligence, patient-injuries (description, severity code of injury and category of causation), furthermore the claim, statements by the parties and the final statement in full text. The Schlichtungsstellen are well positioned to provide data by MERS on iatrogenic injuries and negligence in medical care, based on the information collected from a great number of panel cases.

The medical association, their arbitration boards and medical expert committees have taken follow up steps for a long time to reveal anonymous achievements from a data pool of thousands of cases and to contribute the necessary clearance and publication of malpractice and the increase of the patient-safety through information of the medical fraternity with abstract papers, case reports and advanced training sessions.
Key words: adverse events, ADR, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, iatrogenic injuries, medical error reporting system, MERS, medical risk, negligence. Das Team der Schlichtungsstelle besteht aus sechs Juristen mit Befahigung zum Richteramt, arztlichen Mitgliedern und siebzehn Sachbearbeiterinnen. Tot mijn verbazing fungeerde ze in ‘Cafe Corsari’ als presentatrice, ter vervanging van Freek Braeckman!
The proceeding is to be carried out strictly in written form, non-public and without hearing of witnesses.

By means of medical and judicial examinations of thoroughly worked out case histories for actual or assumed iatrogenic occurrences of damage form the basis of these reports.
Within the last 7 years, 2000 through 2006, the largest of the 12 institutions, the Norddeutsche Schlichtungsstelle concluded 18.993 Schlichtungsverfahren (panel proceedings).
Doctors can, as exemplified by the operation of the Schlichtungsstellen, tackle difficult and complex problems and solve them – without being funded or directed by outside agencies.

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