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Jedna ze zgierskich restauracji ma promocje dla kierowcow ukaranych mandatem za wykroczenie drogowe. Zbudowane na ramie Hilux, Land Cruiser czy 4Runner nie tylko nie traca wigoru, ale systematycznie pokazuja, ze stac je na jeszcze wiecej.
Konstrukcja tego motocykla nie nalezy do idealnych, co kierowca odczuje podczas dluzszej podrozy.
Rzadowe Centrum Bezpieczenstwa kazdego dnia wydaje ostrzezenia o deszczach i burzach dla przynajmniej kilku wojewodztw. Dzis Dzien Bezpiecznego Kierowcy, a jesli poruszamy temat bezpieczenstwa na drodze, to nie powinnismy zapominac o umiejetnosci udzielania pierwszej pomocy.
Podziwiaj perfekcyjne ujecia samochodu Mercedes-Benz Klasa V III [W447] (2014 - teraz) (wnetrze, z zewnatrz, w ruchu i inne). Notice: Stay up to date with Nitto's Ridge Grappler - Sign up here to receive a free ChevroletForum banner decal! You might need to check all the wheel speed sensors to each wheel, check the electrical connection, so can get knocked loose.

I read all the posts in here and it helped me understand the issue I was running into with my truck. So I need to figure out what this is, but after driving another 20 miles or so the check engine light disappeared. I've been lucky that I haven't ran into any major problems with the Tahoe as some of you folks have experienced and feel bad for you folks that have spent thousands fixing it.
So I went ahead and got air intake cleaner from Autozone and used got the following information from youtube on how to remove the air intake hose and not pull the intake manifold. Some background - bought the truck with 168K, had low oil pressure - replaced oring on suction tube and a bunch of other parts while in there - truck runs very well. Back to stabilitrak - i have read this forum almost note by note and agree with some of the general posts - there does not seem to be a single reason for the message and problem. Surprisingly when i did the work last winter on the truck - i replaced the plugs and none were coked up as i would have expected reading here and other places about the horror stories on AFM.
In the above video, he mentions to not open the throttle plate, you can open it and it will throw off the calibration.

I have a 2007 Tahoe and over past year, it has had intermittent problems with the stabilitrak when it is cold out (below freezing).
Ihr Browser unterstutzt Inlineframes nicht oder zeigt sie in der derzeitigen Konfiguration nicht an. Byla to juz siodma edycja wystawy motoryzacyjnej poswieconej trendom modyfikacji samochodow. Testowalismy ten samochod w wersji sedan z wysokopreznym silnikiem o pojemnosci 2 litrow i mocy 190 KM.
It is caused by the overlap in the valve timing when both intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time and some of the combustion gases get kicked back up into the intake system.

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