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Caused by either too little von Willebrand Factor or von Willebrand factor that is defective. There are bleeding scoring systems to help determine likelihood of bleeding disorders… but they are not validated in kids.
Crush tablets in 10-15ml of water and have patient hold that in their mouth for 5 min before swallowing.
Has longer half-life, more potency, and lower toxicity than Aminocaproic acid and is preferred.
A bleeding child is a cause of great concern and often, panic, for parents and pediatricians alike.

Patients with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia A, hemophilia B, and von Willebrand disease (VWD) are routinely treated at home, with their care managed in specialized centers. I enjoy taking care of patients and I finding it endlessly rewarding to help train others to do the same. Ped EM MorselsEnhance and refine your understanding of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and augment the care of pediatric patients. We have recently covered hemophilia, ITP, and hemorrhagic disease of the newborn, but let us turn our attention to the most prevalent bleeding disorder: Von Willebrand Disease.  Certainly, making the diagnosis of von Willebrand disease is not necessarily a common goal in the ED, but knowing how to deal with it is! Causes of bleeding could be trivial or secondary to an underlying bleeding disorder or a potentially serious systemic illness.

In emergency situations, these patients often present to their local emergency department (ED), where their management can represent a challenge to the emergency physicians and staff who rarely encounter them.
Based on etiology, they can be categorized into disorders affecting platelets or the coagulation cascade and can be inherited or acquired.

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