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New research suggests that beta-blocker pills don't prevent heart attacks, strokes or cardiac deaths in patients with heart disease, but doctors are torn over whether there's enough in the study to make them want to stop prescribing the drugs. The study, published in the Journal of American Medical Association, looked at nearly 45,000 patients with prior heart attacks, coronary artery disease or risk factors for coronary artery disease, and found that those on beta blockers didn't show significantly lower rates of heart attack, stroke or cardiac death than those not on the medication. Beta blockers work by blocking adrenalin receptors in the brain that become activated when the body is stressed. Some doctors say they are glad beta blockers are being questioned because their use had been "written in stone" for so many years, but others say using a non-randomized data sample is not as reliable as a randomized drug trial. While the authors attempted to account for differences between the patient groups that might have had an impact on their health, they did not have access to information on why some patients were prescribed these drugs and some were not, said Dr. Rubenfire said the existing data wasn't enough to determine which patients would benefit from beta blockers, and what kinds of beta blockers are better than others. Even study coauthor Christopher Cannon, a professor at Harvard Medical School, said he will continue to prescribe beta blockers to his patients, adding "I would not make too much of this" because the study is only observational.
Cannon said this research shows that it's unclear whether beta blockers add more benefit than the other therapies developed in the decades since beta blockers became a standard of practice for treating patients with heart disease.

Beta blockers are used to treat heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety and other conditions. Melvin Rubenfire, who directs cardiovascular medicine at the University of Michigan, said he'd been hoping for a study like this, but it won't change his prescribing habits because he uses beta blockers only in specific cases. Since patients are often taking several drugs, it's hard to pinpoint how much one agent helps compared with another. Steven Nissen, who chairs the department of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, said the medicine might not be ideal for all of the patients it's prescribed to, but a new randomized, controlled trial will be necessary to change guidelines for prescribing beta blockers. Harlan Kumhulz, a professor of medicine, epidemiology and public health at Yale University. Rubenfire also weans patients off the pills 18 months after they have a heart attack if they experience adverse side effects, such as fatigue and erectile dysfunction. If the gland becomes enlarged, it can squeeze the urethra, interfering with the flow of urine. This can cause difficulty in starting urination, a weak flow of urine, and the need to urinate urgently or more frequently.

Instead, it relaxes the muscle around it, freeing the flow of urine and decreasing urinary symptoms.Most important fact about FlomaxFlomax can cause dizziness, especially when you first stand up. Be careful about driving, operating machinery, and performing any other hazardous task until you know how you react to the drug.How should you take Flomax?Take Flomax once daily, half an hour after the same meal each day.
If it is almost time for your next dose, skip the one you missed and go back to your regular schedule. Avoid driving and other hazardous tasks for 12 hours after your first dose or a dosage increase, and be careful to stand up slowly until you're sure the drug won't make you dizzy.
The condition can lead to permanent impotence if not treated immediately.Possible food and drug interactions when taking FlomaxIf Flomax is taken with certain other drugs, the effects of either could be increased, decreased, or altered.

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