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Life is filled with stories of near-fatal diseases and injuries followed by miraculous recoveries.
On the heels of a solid investigative series in the Baltimore Sun on masking malpractice cases, Maryland lawmakers are seeking tighter oversight of the state's doctors, including greater disclosure of malpractice claims histories and other information by the Board of Physicians. We're happy to see the gamut of media outlets giving front page space to the real medical liability crisis. An increasing shortage of doctors willing to treat emergency patients in Palm Beach County sometimes means dicey treatment options for the injured. There’s been plenty written on the Merck lawsuit saga and it’s recalled pain-reliever Vioxx that may or may not have caused heart attacks. Carl Hanson, chief operating officer of the county-run Minidoka Memorial Hospital in southern Idaho hospital's, explained as they get out of the baby business. Rosalinda Elison, a former patient at the UC Irvine Medical Center’s fertility clinic, said after learning that that her eggs and embryos had been stolen and implanted in another woman who then gave birth to twins.
Amount raised by Fairness and Accountability in Insurance Reform to oppose malpractice limits in Arizona. Amount the Arizona Medical Association says Arizonans for Access to Health Care has raised to decide whether to push for montetary limits on lawsuits.
In the increasingly contentious battle over medical liability, lawyers and doctors too often find themselves in separate corners. Novack--host of “The Eric Novack Show” on KKNT960 AM Phoenix--stressed the importance of embracing the legal system and began dissecting the underlying legal concepts of medical liability.

Before explaining in greater detail those components and deciding whether the current system is satisfactory or deficient, we need to look at some underlying legal concepts of medical liability.
The truth is that trial attorneys are winning, attacks on trial attorneys are backfiring and opponents of the civil justice system are losing."The CEO of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America said. Today, he continues to uncover the keys to a successful medical liability system.The “corrective justice” theory of tort law states that the person harmed ought to receive compensation for the losses incurred by the injury. Here's a sampling of the numbers: 76% of American obstetricians have been sued at least once $228,396 ~ The average malpractice insurance premium paid by neurosurgeons in St. Let’s say that a plastic surgeon from Wellington Regional Medical Center refuses to come to the hospital's ER to treat a man with facial injuries from a car accident. This examination should matter to healthcare providers and doctors, as it serves as the basis of the current system, much in the same way that understanding basic anatomy and physiology is essential to understanding diseases.
A web-cartoon by Protect Patients Now (a project of a 230,000-strong medical specialist outfit) calls out lawyers as the reason that malpractice rates skyrocket, doctors flee and health care options deteriorate.
What happens if a doctor paints a bleaker picture than necessary to stave off liability should the worst occur? The first is “lost wages.” If the harm kept a person out of work for 2 weeks then the compensation for lost wages should equal 2 weeks pay.
Why the lack of hand surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons and obstetricians in the area’s ERs? David Spiegel, a psychiatrist at Stanford medical school, believes that the fear of malpractice litigation after a bad outcome drives doctors to be stunningly explicit from the outset.

Lost wages also would include the money spent on the extra care required to pay for the harm. No wonder nobody stands up to the industry." Is this purported nonsense a fact of medicine? Couple this with many patients desire for frankness and the “language of hope” becomes a tricky issue in modern medical care. And as malpractice insurance rates rise, some do opt to ‘go bare.’ But in Palm Beach County there's no large public hospital at which doctors in the ER have sovereign immunity from lawsuits.
Can today’s doctor be both honest and supportive without liability issues clouding a relationship? Just add up the above, get the total, and, if harm was found to have occurred, reimburse that amount.
The economic calculations must also include the amount to cover future expenses that will be incurred due to the injury. For example, if someone injures his hip in a car accident, the expenses can include the possible costs of a future hip replacement and associated rehabilitation. Since these are estimated future expenses, in many cases possibly years later, it is difficult to accurately estimate.In the current, very adversarial world of medical liability, this is a major area of dispute when damages are discussed and argued.

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