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As a nursing home resident, the senior citizens in your staff’s care rely on your facility to help them with their medication.
These are just a few ways you and your staff can work to reduce your assisted living liability.
This entry was posted in assisted living facilities, blog and tagged assisted living liability, medication safety, nursing home liability, preventing senior medication errors, senior citizen safety, Senior Living Insurance, senior safety tips. O7-12 --> K & B Underwriters is a national Insurance Program Administrator serving insurance agents and brokers for senior living facilities. Medications are measured using three different systems: the metric system, the apothecary system, and the household system. When writing medication dosages in metric units, convert fractions to decimals and write the abbreviation or symbol for the unit of measure after the amount or quantity. The household system of measurement is used most often in the home setting, especially when taking liquid medications such as antibiotics, acetaminophen, and expectorants. Medical error is clearly the Number One problem in healthcare, contributing to more deaths in the USA than motor vehicle accidents, falls, drowning and plane crashes combined—see Figure 1 below.
Most medical errors are related to system problems, not individual negligence or misconduct, and are preventable (see our other Summary Statistic on the preventability of adverse events). Zegers M, Bruijne MC de, Wagner C, Hoonhout LHF, Waaijman R, Smits M, Hout FAG, Zwaan L, Christiaans-Dingelhoff I, Timmermans DRM, Groenewegen PP, Wal G van der. Medical malpractice insurance is a company that specializes in accidental (Medical Malpractices) and liability insurance for physicians, doctors, hospitals, surgeons, nurses and other professionals within the medical industry. You’ve come to the right site if you are in the market for medical malpractice insurance.
Contact us for a FREE QUOTE if you are looking for comprehensive MEDICAL MALPRACTICE INSURANCE for your practice. As we increase the number of prescriptions and medication times the patient may find herself or himself in a situation that is overwhelming."I am very happy with the pill dispenser.

Many senior citizens suffer from a number of medical issues, requiring them to manage different prescriptions and medication schedules.
Preventing senior medication errors is a huge part of senior safety, and an assisted living liability exposure for your facility. Studies have shown that senior patients experience a drug error rate significantly greater than adults under the age of 65. Most insurance companies just write the policy and you don’t see them until renewal time the next year. All three systems have three basic types of measurement in common: weight, volume, and length. As a rule, a zero to the right of the decimal point is not used, but a zero before a decimal point must be used. However, some physicians still use this system when prescribing commonly used medications, such as aspirin or acetaminophen.
The basic household units of measurement used for medications are drop, teaspoon, and tablespoon (volume). For the sake of simplicity, I have summarised the study results to one figure—10% (or one in every ten hospital admissions).
Medical errors cause more accidental deaths in the USA than motor vehicle accidents, falls, drowning and plane crashes combined. The Canadian adverse events study: the incidence of adverse events among hospital patients in Canada.
The incidence of adverse events in Swedish hospitals: a retrospective medical record review study. Adverse events and potentially preventable deaths in Dutch hospitals: results of a retrospective patient record review study. Keeping track of when to take what can be difficult anyway, but for an elderly individual with cognitive, visual, or hearing impairment, the process is even harder.

The problem seems to be the lack of communication between doctors, nursing home staff, and other care providers.
We offer Senior Care Risk Management programs including Nursing Home Liability Insurance, and coverage for Independent Living Facilities, Assisted Living, and Continued Care Retirement Communities. Weight and volume are the two types of measurement you’ll use most often when administering medications. The grain (weight) and minim, dram, and ounce (volume) are the basic apothecary units and are designated as follows: grain = gr, minim = m, dram = dr, and ounce = oz. The units are designated with small letters: drops = gtt, teaspoon = tsp, and tablespoon = tbsp.
With multiplication, the decimal point moves to the right; with division, the decimal point moves to the left. Unlike the metric system, the apothecary system uses Roman numerals and fractions, and the abbreviation or symbol for the unit of measurement precedes the quantity.
The meter (length), the liter (volume), and the gram (weight) are the basic units of the metric system and are designated with either small or large letters.
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