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January will mark 20 years of error reporting by healthcare practitioners to the ISMP National Medication Errors Reporting Program and the FDA MedWatch Program. Educational Review Systems is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) as a provider of continuing pharmaceutical education. ODESSA – More than a dozen former Medical Center Hospital employees are individually alleging wrongful termination and taking legal action.
Washington, who was terminated on February 17 after clocking in two minutes after her shift was scheduled to begin, claimed her supervisors were guilty of both retaliation and discrimination. She claimed she was unfairly targeted after calling out other nurses in her unit for making potentially deadly mistakes involving heparin, a blood-thinning medication. However, according to legal documents filed by her attorney, she had witnessed both mistakes and received retaliatory treatment from superiors after writing an official incident report about the second dosage error. Medical Center Health System representatives initially agreed to an on-camera interview with NewsWest 9, but had a change of heart prior to the scheduled meeting.
If you have any questions or need legal advice, feel free to contact me directly at your convenience. Healthcare organizations can educate nurses and other professionals to reduce medication errors through effective training. In addition to a standard checks and balances system that a hospital may require when it comes to dispensing medication, there are other cautions that should be noted such as the ones listed below.
Nurses are as distracted as anyone when it comes to hospital tasks, and there are many situations in a hospital to which attention is diverted. Patients should be aware of the dosages ordered and should ask questions and seek advice whenever a new prescription is introduced. While the age of technology produces efficient procedures, there is still no absolute that errors will not occur.
If you or someone you know has been traumatized or died as a result of a medication error through a nurse’s negligence, you may have questions on how to proceed in bringing those errors to the forefront. A recent article (Disturbing New Study Finds Medication Errors in Half of All Surgeries) caught my attention. Reputation: The study was performed at a reputable hospital (Massachusetts General Hospital) which is affiliated with Harvard. Under Reporting:  The article notes that the study was performed at one of the most prestigious hospitals (Massachusetts General) in the United States that is strongly affiliated with one of the better medical programs (Harvard). Billions Wasted: $765 billion of health care costs were linked to preventable problems (1).
Research has consistently shown in the area of NMS health that the provider type that you start with is a indicator of your health care track.
The title of the article is certainly a bombshell!  My hope is that a couple, simple tips can help reduce your risk for non-necessary surgeries and medication errors. As a result, a great deal has been learned about the labeling conditions that contribute to medication errors. We cannot accept returns on our videos "Building System Safeguards for the Safe Use of High-Alert Medications", "Patient Safety Requires a Team Effort", "Patients Play a Vital Role in Patient Safety", "Medical Leaders in Patient Safety", or any item that is not returned in its original condition, is damaged, or is missing parts.
Apps such as Health Scholars™ offer multiple courses on a wide range of topics and can be used in a classroom setting or at the bedside to demonstrate competencies.
Medication errors also occur from improper communication, distractions, illegible handwriting on a script, misleading product labels, ineffective monitoring by a supervisor, and lack of education on the part of the institution.
However, just as with any task to which the brain is accustomed to performing correctly, so is the brain also conditioned to make mistakes. A tragic case of nursing error occurred in 2011 when a seasoned nurse at a children’s hospital administered a fatal does of insulin to an infant who had been in her care since birth.

Computers are also prone to mistakes and are only as effective as the programming and data input. This type of lawsuit is best handled by an experienced law firm renowned for personal injury cases.
And for years it has been a chore for many patients and pharmacists to try and decipher what is actually written on that script. The hospital is a national leader in research, specialty and sub-specialty care as well as patient safety (1).
Prevent The Preventable Through Early Recognition: Lifestyle factors such as obesity, poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, etc.
This has the added effect of reducing the chances for medication and surgeries to treat these problems. Identification of the Specific Problem for Physicians and Patients: The medical industry is now aware of the problem. Pappas is a chiropractic physician, certified athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. These reports have allowed FDA and ISMP to work together on such problems and substantial improvements have been made. Educational Review Systems is also approved for pharmacy continuing education by the state of Florida. Medical errors on the parts of doctors and nurses come in all forms—from botched surgeries, to delay of treatment, to inappropriate dispensing of medication. Therefore, is it essential for hospitals and health care institutions to ensure and implement barriers and safeguards for the nursing industry that prevent errors related to dispensing of medication. The nurse admitted that she had been talking to someone, and miscalculated the dose at the time. Yet, many nurses continue to rely on the computerization of dispensing and administering medications.
While doctors’ illegible handwriting has become somewhat of a joke, it can lead to serious problems if a patient is given the wrong dosage or the wrong medication entirely. Complications could include simple things like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, constipation or more concerning events such as shortness of breath, allergic reaction or even death.
This means that in other hospitals and surgery centers across the United States, under reporting of medication errors and adverse events occurs (1). If you start with a specialist such as a surgeon, odds are greater that you’ll end up with medication or surgery. More recently though, an important new draft document was published by FDA that will help standardize the components of container labeling to better address reported safety issues. The outcome of a medication error includes devastating and life-threatening aftermath to the victim, as well as financial burden and, in some cases, loss of life.  What is a medication error and how can it be prevented?
Without any obligation, we invite you to fill out and submit our Free Nursing Error and Medication Errors Evaluation form, or contact us toll free to (855) TOP-FIRM to further discuss your situation. This is an extremely bad strategy long term as this can contribute to obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease and other chronic diseases. Some of the studies I’ve read account for crossover diagnoses meaning diagnoses that are commonly seen by both types of providers (conservative and traditional medical providers).
Pappas blends the best of physical medicine with the best of integrated medicine to help patients and athletes of all shapes and sizes.
These label guidance include, but are not limited to abbreviations and symbols on product labeling, prominent company logos that distract from readability, labels that are difficult to read because of clutter, warnings and reminders that aren't properly emphasized, and color patterns that lead to selection of the wrong container.

The risks go up for medication usage, surgery, extended hospital stays, poor outcomes and chronic pain.
A simple strategy is to buy a gallon of healthy milk (almond, rice, cashew, flax, etc.) and a protein powder of your choice. Make sure you exhaust conservative (non drug, non surgical) options first before you take the next step. He utilizes tools such as chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue work (IASTM, Graston, myofascial release, neural mobilization and joint mobilization), biomedical acupuncture, functional movement based assessment, the McKenzie Method, strength training and conditioning, kinesiology taping, customized nutrition and specialty laboratory testing (blood, saliva, urine, and stool) when needed. Although an FDA guidance is not a regulation, it does represent FDA's current thinking on the topic and thus provides FDA staff with information that should be considered when evaluating the safety of products. So prevent the preventable through early recognition that your health habits today matter tomorrow! It is not necessary to have a high priced gym membership, participate in time consuming exercise classes or have expensive and unnecessary equipment. Form great relationships with physicians and conservative care providers you trust to route you to the right treatment strategy for you and for your condition. Have someone close to you with you during surgical consultations and in surgical recovery doing the exact same things of asking questions, getting answers and taking notes particularly on the topic of medication dosages and frequencies. This information is equally important for pharmacists because it communicate the most important label components that one should consider when evaluating the safety of products for purchase. Additionally, do your homework in advance looking for reputable hospitals and surgery centers that have consistently shown excellence in overall care and surgical outcomes. Pappas’ clinical focus is sports medicine, conservative orthopedics, rehabilitation and integrated medicine.
This guidance may also be applicable to drug labeling and packing on an international scale since so many companies seek to harmonize products globally.Please join ISMP and the FDA to learn more about the new FDA labeling guidance and how it will impact medication safety. We had a patient lose 25+ lbs in a year, just by walking several times a week with her friends.
This strategy provides satiety (the feeling of fullness), reduces blood sugar swings, increases energy, and reduces non-necessary calories that come with high calorie, nutrient deficient foods and beverages. His sports medicine interests are endurance athletes, overhead athletes (pitchers, throwers, volleyball players and tennis players), contact sports athletes (football, rugby, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer and basketball) and Crossfit athletes. I once worked with a colleague that would have a daily Starbucks Frapaccino or Venti White Chocolate Mocha depending on the season almost every afternoon. He switched to daily protein shakes between meals and made no other changes to his diet or exercise habits.  In one year he lost 20+ lbs. He reads and interprets the medical literature daily to stay abreast of cutting edge advances in his field. The doctor is currently the team chiropractor for the Windy City Thunderbolts minor league baseball team and a sports medicine volunteer for Andrew High School in Tinley Park, IL.
He is an avid runner and aspiring triathlete having completed 5 marathons, 3 half marathons and numerous 5 and 10k races. He has goals of qualifying and competing in the Boston and New York Marathons, the Ironman in Kona, Hawaii, and climbing Mt. One day he hopes to serve his country as a team chiropractor for the United States Olympic teams and serve as a team chiropractor for one of the professional teams in Chicago.

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