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Our Preventing Medication Errors Posters provide guidelines to reduce unnecessary mistakes!
Is an attractive and creative tool to help prevent the more common types of medication errors. Poster is printed digitally with Vivera® Inks on our exclusive Peel&Stick™ repositionable vinyl and is protected with disinfectant-safe Protex™ Satina™ laminate.
The best way to understand how medication errors happen and how to prevent them is to consider their classification, which can be contextual, modal, or psychological. Psychologists consider an error to be a disorder of an intentional act, and they distinguish between errors in planning an act and errors in its execution.
Knowledge-based errors can be related to any type of knowledge, general, specific, or expert. Rule-based errors can further be categorized as (a) the misapplication of a good rule or the failure to apply a good rule; and (b) the application of a bad rule. This classification can help understand how errors can be prevented, as discussed in detail elsewhere [15]. Medication errors, which can lead to adverse drug reactions, require clear and unambiguous definitions, so that patients, prescribers, manufacturers, and regulators can all understand each other. These simple products help to introduce systems in which vials and packaging with similar appearances, look alike or sound alike, are marked or distinguished to avoid choosing the wrong medication. E M Innovations provides a range of error prevention and medication safety items to help provide safe storage and promote safe use of medications.
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Medication (the process) is the act of giving a medication (the object) to a patient for any of these purposes. Contextual classification deals with the specific time, place, medicines, and people involved. If a prior intention to reach a specified goal leads to action, and the action leads to the goal, all is well. The classification of medication errors on the basis of the underlying psychological mechanisms, based on how errors occur, can suggest strategies that help to reduce their occurrence.
Military studies show staying awake for 17 hours is equivalent to a blood alcohol of 0.05%. E M Innovations introduces simple and effective new products to help prevent medication errors. E M Innovations' new line of high alert labeling, shrink bands and storage options to segregate high alert medications are great tools to prevent medication mix-ups and to draw attention to the medications, as well as verify strength and expiration dates.
A medication (the object) can be considered to be the same as a medicinal product, which has been defined in terms of what a medicinal product is and what it does. This definition reminds us of the distinction between the drug itself (the active component) and the whole product.
However, it does not include medications when they are used to probe systems for nondiagnostic purposes, such as the use of phenylephrine to study baroreceptor reflexes in a physiological or pharmacological experiment. Different definitions of medication errors have been tested, as all technical definitions should be.

Multiplicity of medication safety terms, definitions and functional meanings: when is enough enough? Errors in prescribing, preparing, and giving medicines – definition, classification, and prevention.
Random and systematic medication errors in routine clinical practice: a multicentre study of infusions, using acetylcysteine as an example. Testing the practical aspects of therapeutics by objective structured clinical examination. In this case it was done by devising scenarios and determining which would constitute an error under each of the definitions. Memory-based errors occur when something is forgotten; for example, giving penicillin, knowing the patient to be allergic, but forgetting. However, classification based on psychological theory [21] is to be preferred, as it explains events rather than merely describing them.
Right time- patient information.- drug information- adequate communication- drug packaging, labeling, and nomenclature-medication storage, stock, standardization, and distribution-drug device, acquisition, use, and monitoring- environmental factors-staff education and compentency-patient education-quality processes and risk managementThat's BILLION with a "B"!!10 Key Elements of Medication Use:How long were you awake?
Review of the Evidence of the Impact of Computerized Physician Order Entry System on Medication Errors.

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