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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Acanthosis nigricans is a skin condition that usually affects the skin folds of the neck, the armpit, and the groin. The most common symptom of acanthosis nigricans is the presence of the skin discoloration which is dark and velvety. Aside from the hyperpigmentation, skin tags can also be found in and around the affected areas. The exact cause of acanthosis nigricans has not been determined yet; however, there are several possibilities that health care professionals believed to have contributed to the development of the condition. This is once known as pseudo acanthosis nigricans and is the most common type among the nine types of acanthosis nigricans. This type of acanthosis nigricans is associated with a syndrome, specifically the type A and the type B syndromes. Type B syndromes on the other hand is associated with women who have diabetes mellitus, ovarian hyperandrogenism, or autoimmune disorders such as systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, etc. Otherwise known as nevoid acanthosis nigricans, this type is believed to follow an autosomal dominant trait. This type of acanthosis nigricans is rare and is only found in pediatric patients without an underlying pathology. This is again an uncommon type of acanthosis nigricans but may be induced by several medications, including diethylstilbestrol, nicotinic acid, insulin, systemic corticosteroids and pituitary extract. This type is associated with malignancies of the internal organs such as the liver and the stomach or adenocarcinoma of the gastrointestinal area.
Mixed type classifies the type of the condition when the patient experiences a combination of the abovementioned classifications. Because the exact cause of acanthosis nigricans is not well determined, for the patient to be given the best treatment possible, it is better to conduct a thorough examination on the patient to determine the type of acanthosis has occurred as well as the underlying cause associated with the condition. This promotes shedding of hyperkeratotic skin because they modify keratinocyte adhesion, differentiation, and proliferation. The use of ammonium lactate provides hemuctant effect when applied to the skin as they tend to hydrate the corneal layer of the skin thus decreasing the corneocyte cell cohesion. Complications of acanthosis nigricans may occur; however, it depends on the underlying cause. Although joint complications are relatively less than other types of diabetes complications, they can be severe in nature. Diabetic patients have an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis due to osteoporosis caused as a consequence of reduced osteoblast production in human body. This website is purely for information purpose and gives information that is general in nature. The developer, Bungie, brushed aside the speculations and proved that the rumors are after all true. Finally, when Bungie came out in the open and told that Gjallarwing Sparrow was indeed going to be released as an in-game vehicle, it took most of the fans by surprise. The Gjallarwing Sparrow might be an asset in the Sparrow Racing League if it ever comes back!
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The greater omentum is also known as the epiploon, gastrocolic omentum, omentum majus or great omentum and is sometimes called the caul when referring to animals.

On the left side, the greater omentum is connected to the gastrolienal ligament and on the right it reaches the beginning of the duodenum.
The greater omentum is responsible for fat deposition and contains amounts of adipose tissue that can vary from person to person. In contrast with the greater omentum, the lesser omentum has the distinction of being very thin. When it is healthy, the omentum has a lace-like and transparent appearance and when it is unhealthy, ita€™s filled with fat, looking opaque and thick.
They are characterized by dark velvety skin discoloration, which can become thickened and usually smell bad. Also, this skin condition may indicate any malignancies occurring in the internal organs such as stomach or liver cancer. The discoloration is characterized by symmetrical hyperpigmentation commonly found in the armpits, groins, and the posterior neck. Occasionally, lesions brought about by this skin condition may also occur in the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, nasal and laryngeal mucosa, the esophagus, the areola of the nipple, the eyelids and the conjunctiva, etc. Its characteristic lesions may appear at any age, but usually it has more effects on the person during adulthood.
The type A syndrome is referred to hyperandrogenemia, insulin resistance, and the syndromic acanthosis nigricans. The skin hyperpigmentation are still commonly seen in dark-skinned individuals such as those who have African descent. They are called unilateral because the lesions are found in unilateral distribution and may become apparent during infancy, childhood, or adulthood. An example would be an obese patient with obesity-related acanthosis nigricans and develops malignant acanthosis at the same time. The common tests to be done is screening for glycosylated hemoglobin level or glucose tolerance test for diabetes.
Retinoids promotes detachment of the hard and cornified cells and thus enhance the shedding of unwanted cells. Early-onset acanthosis nigricans are considered to be benign in nature, but adult-onset acanthosis nigricans are more serious, especially those cases that are associated with certain malignancies of the gastrointestinal system. Charcot foot causes swelling and inflammation of foot joints and sometimes results in deformity. Most of these diseases are indirectly related to diabetic neuropathy and altered metabolism in diabetic patients.
Please contact your health care provider for specialized medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. Here is everything you need to know about the greater and lesser omentum including structure and functions as well as how to reduce their size.
It is made up of two layers of fatty tissues and both supports and covers the organs and intestines found in this area of the body.
This part of the body is visceral peritoneum in the form of a long fold hanging down and starting at the stomach. In most cases, the greater omentum is thin with a cribriform appearance and has some adipose tissue. This is part of the peritoneum that is found in a double layer and goes from the beginning of the duodenum and stomacha€™s lesser curvature to the liver. It is continuous with the peritoneum layers that cover the postero-inferior and antero-superior stomach surfaces as well as the first portion of the duodenum.
When it is unhealthy, it can lead to health issues such as unhealthy arteries, inflammation or unstable blood sugar.

Obesity-related acanthosis nigricans is also closely associated with resistance to insulin but not general. The discoloration, however, are present in the dorsal portion of the hands and feet, including the knuckles. In children, malignant acanthosis nigricans is associated with gastric adenocarcinoma, Wilm’s tumor, and osteogenic sarcoma. In addition, screening for insulin resistance can also be done, and skin biopsy is recommended to examine the affected tissues. Make it a point to educate the patient that prognosis for patients with acanthosis nigricans with malignancies is often poor. Moderate to severe pain is experienced by patients suffering from Charcot foot with diabetes. The infection may start in other parts of the body and spread to bone through blood causing severe inflammation.
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There are two parts of the omentum, the greater omentum and the lesser omentum, which are responsible for storing fat deposits and connecting the intestines and stomach to the liver respectively. The greater omentum goes from the stomacha€™s greater curvature before passing by the small intestines and then reflecting on itself before ascending the transverse colon. In addition, the greater omentum isolates infections and wounds as it will sometimes wrap around infected areas or those that have experienced trauma. In these patients, there is high level of plasma testosterone, thereby leading to hyperandrogenemia. Although the symptoms of malignant acanthosis nigricans can be similar to the symptoms of other types of acanthosis nigricans, it can still be distinguishable because in malignant type, the lesions appear rapidly, more extensive, symptomatic, and are seen in unusual locations. Furthermore, patients should be informed that acanthosis nigricans is not a skin disease per se, but it is a sign of an underlying pathology.
This article will explain on the structure and function of the greater omentum and the lesser omentum. The best way to measure it is to suck in your stomach as much as you can and measure by your belly button as the omentum cana€™t be sucked in. One important example of this is the insulin resistance-associated acanthosis nigricans, which is a sign that the lesions seen outside are just an indication that the patient may be suffering from diabetes. The greater omentum gives the appearance of floating on the intestinesa€™ surface which is how it got its name a€?epiploona€? which comes from the Greek word that means to sail or float on (a€?epipleeina€?).
It then follows this path and reaches the diaphragm at which point the two layers of the lesser omentum will separate and cover the end portion of the esophagus. This results in severe pain with movement of joints and cause continuous discomfort in affected joints as a consequence.

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