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I was recently browsing through the nearly 200 stories we’ve compiled with our Patient Harm Questionnaire, when I was reminded again of a troubling truth. We have staggering estimates of the number of people harmed while undergoing medical treatment. The federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality is now accepting public comment about a proposed program to encourage consumers to complain about harm suffered while undergoing medical care. The goals include collecting information in a common format, developing prototype methods for gathering information on the phone and Internet and creating a follow-up questionnaire for medical providers. Robin Karr said that based on her experience, she’s skeptical about reporting harm directly to the government “but not without hope” about the proposed program. Debra Van Putten said she knows many people who have filed complaints about harm they suffered, but little came of their efforts. This entry was posted in Nation, News and tagged Health, Internet, mph7p6, National, New York. Subscribe to our Daily Digest for independent journalism through the lens of social justice & human rights directly in your inbox. This is an example of blame, where you take no personal responsibility for anything that goes wrong. This is an example of focusing on the negative, where you constantly see the downside to a situation or event and ignore the good stuff. This is an example of personalisation, where you take the burden of blame when something goes wrong – or you think it has gone wrong.
This is an example of magnification, when you blow an act, event or situation out of all proportion. This is an example of unrealistic demands, where you have fixed, inflexible beliefs which lead to unrealistic expectations. This is an example of all-or-nothing thinking, when you see things in extremes with no middle ground. Effective health care requires physicians tailor care to patients' individual life contexts, including their financial situation, social support, competing responsibilities, and cognitive abilities. There is new Health Care Reform news everyday, but many stories are full of errors or omissions. We’ve got feeds from sources that are both pro and con on ObamaCare, so you can see what both sides think.
Why Eminent Domain Won't Reduce Drug Prices, And Might Increase CostsAmy Kapczynski and Aaron Kesselheim proposed in Health Affairs that the federal government reduce the price of on-patent prescription drugs using an obscure federal law (codified as 28 USC 1498) to either threaten to, or actually, seize patent rights to drugs in a manner similar to eminent domain. FDA-Approved Knock-Offs Of Biotech Drugs Could Safely Save Big BucksDrugs that consist of proteins and antibodies typically made by living organisms represent the new frontier in drug industry competition. While these technologies are powerful enablers in their own right, the integration of these tools bring advantages to hospitals that can help further enhance the delivery of patient care. Image courtesy of Sparling Electronic medical records can be used as a backbone application, as shown in this example, that links systems throughout the hospital in order to share data.
There are a number of systems that can potentially be linked together to improve efficiency. The ability to integrate these various communication systems allows a more robust overall communication methodology in the hospital and allows systems to take advantage of other systems' capabilities to gain leverage, rather than trying to build and pay for separate standalone systems.

Integration of medical equipment with other systems such as electronic medical records is a developing field.
Technology will soon allow the integration of medical equipment with communication systems such as text messaging devices. While this technology has been around for awhile, the ability to allow systems to "talk" with each other provides more diagnostic information and saves field time troubleshooting.
This opens up a wide area of integration between these systems and other information systems in the hospital. Access-control cards can be integrated with radio-frequency identification tracking systems so that a single card can be used for tracking as well as access control. Assuming that fire alarm paging speakers are used (normally required in a high-rise building), this eliminates the need to install a separate paging system of speakers and amplifiers. Planning for integration really requires standing back from the individual systems in order to understand and create a vision of how systems will work together and what benefits and strategies make sense within a given hospital. Many of the people who suffer harm while undergoing medical care do not file formal complaints with regulators.
There’s no way to know when and where patients are being harmed or to tell if the problem is worse in one place than another.
More than a decade ago the Institute of Medicine’s landmark “To Err Is Human” report called for a national system to capture cases of serious harm to patients or death.
In many states, hospital are required by law to file a report every time a patient suffers unexpected harm — often called  “sentinel” or “adverse” events. We used hospital billing records to identify 3,689 cases of patient harm at the city’s hospitals in a two-year period.
Patients will be asked what happened, who was involved and for permission to follow up with the providers involved in the event. Instead, the patient harm information should be gathered in a way that’s standardized, she said, like the national survey that’s administered to recently discharged hospital patients that has results publicly reported on Hospital Compare. It’s all too easy to jump the gun and imagine the worst case scenario before it has happened. TRUE my most negative challenge is my other half when his calling be awful names because of my weight.
However, if you’ve been prescribed certain medications, we’ll refer you to your GP practice. Physicians, however, are poorly prepared to consider patients' lives when planning their care.
From electronic health care records and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to nurse call systems and personal communication devices, the hospital provides a setting for use of a wide range of systems to optimize patient care. For example, today's hospital telephone system can perform a variety of different tasks, including intercom communication, code calling and interties with nurse call systems, security systems, pagers and network-based personal communicators. This functionality can be used to alert the biomedical engineering department that the equipment has a problem, for example, and also log what that problem is, resulting in faster equipment repair. Additional data allows maintenance staff to see exactly what's wrong with the equipment as opposed to receiving a basic "malfunction" alarm.

In this type of system, priority will be given to fire alarm pages, which will override normal paging if a fire alarm page occurs. It is best to think about integration by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each individual system, then considering how the integration can fill in the weaknesses.
It can bring added features to each individual system and, in the end, enhance the delivery of information and improve the quality of health care delivery for the patient. The reasons are numerous: They’re often traumatized, disabled, unaware they’ve been a victim of a medical error or  don’t understand the bureaucracy.
But if there are no complaints, there are no independent investigations, and that means no outside accountability for providers who may have made mistakes, and no public inspection reports that documents the case — assuming an agency makes reports public, which is not always the case. The report said accurate reporting provides accountability and knowledge that leads to learning. But a July report by the HHS inspector general’s office found that only 12 percent of harmful events identified by the office even met state requirements for reporting them. Each of those cases would fit the state’s definition of a “sentinel event,” meaning the hospitals were required by law to report them. What you need to remember is that you are a good person with feelings and you are worth investing in.
For example, the cumulative amount of regulations that have been added under President Obama's watch is higher than any other president.
When these technologies are integrated with a VoIP network, they offer broader coverage and more direct communication. It’s a collective problem because patient safety flaws that remain hidden, if they are not corrected, may be repeated. Compounding the problem: Hospitals themselves only reported 1 percent of the harmful events.
LighterLife’s unique groups can help you deal with these negative reactions and give you new ways of coping with hurtful comments. These medical errors have been largely undocumented and unaddressed by the American healthcare system.This book tells the stories of patients whose care was compromised by inattention to individual context, and introduces novel methods for assessing the magnitude of the problem. It describes how these errors, termed "contextual errors," can be minimized through changes in how doctors are trained, how medicine is practiced and quality measured, and in the ways patients assert their needs during visits. Seeking to encourage faster uptake of telemedicine, many well-intentioned parties are prodding Congress to pre-empt many of the regulatory powers historically (and constitutionally) exercised by states. The aim of this book is to open a dialog between patients, physicians, policy makers, and medical educators, about a serious quality problem that has been overlooked and understudied. When he returned from war, he made a discovery that changed our understanding of brain injuries.

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