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Due to Japan’s fast-aging and shrinking population, the immigration bureau is considering a plan to abolish visa limits for hundreds of nurses from the Philippines and Indonesia that currently restrict them to working in Japan for only seven years.
According to the bureau official, the changes may come as early as this month and as soon as the bureau formally endorses a new five-year policy plan.
Japan may also lift a six-year work limit for foreign dentists after it already did so for overseas medical doctors in 2006.

Aside from that they are also considering to foreigners who graduate from Japanese universities and other institutions with national nursing and other relevant qualifications. In addition, we adhere to a strict privacy policy that means your information will not be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed. FREE SHIPPING IN THE UNITED STATES, PLEASE CALL FOR SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES, 941-349-6877.

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