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A survey was undertaken by Audit South West for Urgent Health UK (UHUK), the Out of Hours member organisation, with staff from all organisation members encouraged to take part. You said BrisDoc is a good place to work and that BrisDoc’s management was doing a good job.
Autonomous Practitioners for Nurse-Led walk-in-centre in BristolLong service celebrations!Share this post?
Eating too much sugar – A diet high in sugar is harmful for both your weight and teeth.
Smoking and tobacco products – Along with other health risks, smoking also causes tooth problems. Trauma to the teeth – Biting a pencil or breaking pieces of ice with the teeth, for example, can lead to damage. Poor teeth hygiene – An inadequate oral hygiene is a sure way to develop gum disease and other dental problems. Lack of Vitamin C – Vitamin C is very important to keep your gums healthy and you should have daily either food or vitamin supplements containing vitamin C. Insufficient intake of fluoride – Regardless of the age they have, it is important to discuss with your doctor to recommend fluoride toothpaste that you can use.
Yes, we have tons to do in so little time, but that doesn’t excuse us from committing errors in the clinical area especially when administering medications.
It may seem cliche to some already, but reviewing the 5 Rights is a must when administering medications to patients, may they be oral, intravenously, topical and many others. If you seem to be doubting something, let’s say a questionable order of dosage of a certain drug, never hesitate to clarify.
As a nurse on the incoming shift, always review all new orders to ensure that each patient’s order is noted and transcribed correctly on the physician’s order and the medication administration record (MAR) or the treatment administration record.
Always read back and verify medication orders given verbally or over the phone to ensure the ordered medication is transcribed correctly. Those that need to be refrigerated must be kept in the fridge to maintain efficacy, while those medications that should be kept at room temperature should be stored accordingly. Currently an Intensive Care Unit nurse, pursuing a degree in Master of Arts in Nursing Major in Nursing Service Administration. Latest Bollywood News: After successfully hosting four consecutive seasons of reality show "Bigg Boss", Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is on the small screen next year as host of a new show based on social causes, and says that it's from a "Satyamev jayate ". In 2012, his contemporary Aamir Khan launched the 14-episode talk show "Satyamev Jayate", highlighted in the issues such as female feticide, dowry ills and medical errors.
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Here you can follow the travels of our team members as they circle the globe on a cancer awareness and advocacy mission.
About C101CANCER101's mission is to empower cancer patients and their caregivers to take control over their diagnoses and engage them as active partners in their care, by arming them with a toolkit to navigate their cancer journey. The Calcutta High Court Friday acquitted Asian Games gold medallist athlete Pinki Pramanik of all charges including rape and assault levelled against her by her live-in partner two years back. The charge sheet cited the opinion of a seven-member medical board constituted to confirm the athlete's gender in June 2012, following allegations by her live-in partner. It also accused Pramanik of torture, cheating, co-habiting with the promise of marriage and threat to the complainant not to disclose their relationship. The athlete was arrested June 14, 2012, and remanded to judicial custody the next day after the the live-in partner, a divorcee and a mother of one, filed the police complaint.
Pramanik was later taken to a private nursing home for a medical check-up where the test reports claimed that the athlete was indeed a male.
The athlete later alleged that she was treated like an animal during gender tests which were done by tying her hands and feet. The treatment meted out to the athlete had then attracted severe criticism from all quarters, including the sporting fraternity.
Pramanik, who retired from athletics in 2009, won gold in the 4x400 metres relay at the 2006 Asian Games in Qatar's capital Doha.
Setting goals and achieving them is the sign of a great athlete - and Morolake Akinosun looks to be on her way to greatness. Across 14 questions the survey sought the views of staff about BrisDoc’s culture with respect to patient safety.
Chewing gum, eating candy and sweet juices are the main habits that cause cavities and tooth health issues. If you can not completely give up sugary foods, try to eat as part of a meal, instead of a snack. Bruxism or unconscious grinding of teeth can lead to a painful condition of the jaw called temporomandibular joint disorder.
Frequent brushing of at least twice a day and flossing should be part of your routine care of teeth. If people consume less than 25% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C they are more likely to develop gum disease.
It is vital for all nurses to become acquainted with several strategies to prevent or reduce the likelihood of medication errors. Has been a contributor of Student Nurses Quarterly, Vox Populi, The Hillside Echo and the Voice of Nightingale publications.

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The athlete was then brought to the Barasat district hospital and finally to the state-run SSKM Hospital here for the tests. Our overall score was an impressive 81 compared to the survey average score of 78, the higher the score the more positive staff felt.
However, there are a number of pitfalls that you can encounter quite frequently in everyday life, which can endanger oral health. Tooth decay is caused not only by the desserts you eat, but also the carbohydrates that contain sugars and starches. Unlike return demonstrations in nursing school, we don’t have the luxury of making mistakes.
Other experience include: Medical-Surgical, Pediatric, Obstetric, Emergency and Recovery Room Nursing. Following the ingestion of foods containing sugars, the teeth will be coated which will convert into acids. You should see your dentist twice a year for cleaning and detecting any early signs of tooth decay. Everything must be done accurately and things must be considered meticulously.One single mistake and you put your patient’s safety in danger.
When documenting, include proper medication labeling, legible documentation, or proper recording of administered medication. We would be proud to implement any suggestions you have of your choice, you can have your ideas sent through contact us form. By excluding unhealthy habits in your life, you will enjoy the benefits of a healthy oral cavity, you avoid tooth decay, tooth loss and you will not have toothache.
We don’t always get a second chance, thus, we must strive to do things right the first time. Resume the process once you’re done talking with others so you can give it 100% of your attention. This cannot be possible with the support, sharing and regular feedback of the users coming to the site and engaging the activity.

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