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Reducing Medication ErrorsPresented By Amanda Wright Institue of Medicine estimates that each year 1.5 million patients suffer from mistakes with the medication they're given(Childs, 2007).How can nurses in today's practice decrease the number of medication errors that are performed in a hospital setting?
While we do provide a fairly comprehensive CNA job description, it should be mentioned that the duties may be slightly different depending on where one works. As the name implies, one of the important duties listed as in the CNA job description is that of keeping an eye on any changes the patient may have. A great thing about being a certified nursing assistant is the abundance of different health care facilities or agencies that you can find employment.
While the CNA job description at these places may be slightly different, the goal of providing the best personal care and comfort for the patients is still the same.
Find the answers to commonly-asked questions about the Certified Nursing Assistant profession in this comprehensive look at becoming a CNA. You are looking for something more in depth that can give you a better understanding of what is a certified nursing assistant.

In order to become a certified nursing assistant, you will need to pass your state’s certification exam after completing an accredited CNA classes either in at traditional campus or online.
The fundamental skills one will learn in their training program will fit in with most CNA job description found anywhere. It will be separated in to three distinct areas of care: patient care, observation and documentation.
Even though the area of patient care is the responsibility of everyone on the medical team, the duties performed by a certified nursing assistant are bit more personal and more inclusive.
This responsibility includes both monitoring equipment as well as noticeable changes of the patient.
Not only does it provide a record of how the patient is doing, but it also allows other medical staff an up to date report on any progress. Some of these places may require some extra training and certification but the basics of the CNA job description is still the same.

Good news for you, we have just a list of duties and responsibilities that fit under the CNA job description. Once you have passed your certification exam, you will become listed in the Nurses Aide Registry.
Some of the most common places you can find work as a CNA are found in the following chart.
This can be really important information especially if you are considering enrolling in a CNA training program.
Believe it or not, you can go from training certification to a CNA job in six months or less.

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