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As an employee, nurses have any option but to complete their mandated employee education, if they wish to remain employed. It is easy to initially dismiss continuing education’s value due to the “required” nature of it. Staying current in evidence based practices in order to provide safe and quality patient care. Another solution is to focus on continuing education opportunities that are not controlled by an employer.
For example, if a nurse typically completes online classes and live webinars, they could attend a professional conference. If a nurse is bored with conferences, they can find formats and courses that interest them. Specialty certification is a growing continuing education trend because it is a standardized way for nurses to demonstrate competency in their chosen specialty. There are certain requirements that nurses must meet in addition to passing a certification test in order to become specialty certified. Self-studying for specialty certification testing does not result in fulfilling state approved education requirements. Hospitals can use nurse certification as a selling point in the increasingly competitive healthcare marketplace. Specialty certification helps nurses to position themselves for career advancement opportunities. Disclosure: We strive to provide information on this website that is accurate, complete and timely, but we make no guarantees about the information, the selection of schools, school accreditation status, the availability of or eligibility for financial aid, employment opportunities or education or salary outcomes. This is especially true when nurses do not have a choice over the courses that are mandated and provided by their employer.

As professionals, nurses are expected to stay up to date by keeping their practice current. Nurses usually seek continuing education outside of work in order to meet their total requirements.
Maybe, a live continuing education webinar viewing at their home with coworkers and a potluck dinner could serve the two fold purpose of education and stress relief. Most organizations offer a test blueprint and self-study information to assist nurses in test preparation. However, completing approved established certification preparation courses may fulfill work or state requirements. Furthermore, their educational needs are usually met with the combination of free, purchased, or employer reimbursed courses.
However, nurses can make the choice to adopt a positive mindset, understand the benefits, and change their habits in order to rejuvenate their educational experiences.
In fact, some states, like Florida, require specific topics such as domestic violence and the prevention of medical errors to be completed. Yearly annual employer mandated courses are often perceived as “homework” to be completed by a certain deadline before their annual performance review.
Continuing education benefits nurses, patient, employers, and serves to advance the profession as a whole. Failure to adhere to current nursing practices could be have potential legal ramifications.
If planned strategically, a conference trip could be turned into a professional networking event, an educational opportunity, and a min-vacation. The overall goal for nurses is to stay competent in their nursing skills, while enjoying their chosen profession.

However, nurses that feel like would benefit from an extensive content review might benefit from an exam review course in their specialty subject. Furthermore, after earning specialty certification, specific continuing education requirements must be met to renew a nurse’s certification.
Many professional nurse organizations offer free continuing education courses for their members. They also have some courses that are useful to a variety of nurse specialties and that are usually worth 1 contact hour. Furthermore, by obtaining their specialty nurse certification, their knowledge base grows as they expand career opportunities while making a commitment to quality patient care. In addition to mandating the content that must be covered, states often approve which courses meet their requirements.
While organizations do not necessarily endorse specific exam review courses, nurses usually network with others to determine what successful exam takers have used. Nurses that do not have access to free professional nurse organization free courses can still find free courses to complete online. Furthermore, nurse’s places of employment require specific courses to be completed as a way to validate clinical competence and education.

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