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A recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that keeping a food diary may double your weight loss efforts. The reason I want to talk about this today is because diabetes, as you’re probably aware of, is a rampant, it’s out of control, it is a very, very, very big problem in North America. In this episode I want to give you some action steps, some specific foods, and things to consider with respect to diabetes. The thing I don’t understand about type 2 diabetes is that as out of control as it is, it’s 100 percent lifestyle. My dad had type 2 diabetes when he was in his early forties, and the reason he developed that was simply because of his lifestyle: stress, alcohol consumption, lots of meats, lots of refined sugars, blah, blah, blah, and he obviously was packing on some weight in his midsection. And the more you do that, the more you continue to eat refined sugars, what that does is sends your blood sugar through the roof, insulin is then released to take the blood sugar out of the blood and into the muscles to be stored. When we have these constant levels of sugar in the blood, insulin is a necessary hormone that takes the sugar and stores it.
Even when it comes to fruit, if you have type 2 diabetes, I would not recommend eating a lot of the high-glucose types of fruits. A great example of this is if you have a cracker, like one of those white crackers, we’ve probably all had them at some point in our life—the Premium Plus crackers, I think—if you put one of those on your tongue and close your mouth, it’ll dissolve in about 30 seconds.
And when we talk about blood sugar, we’re really talking about blood glucose, because glucose is the sugar that circulates in the blood.
Any food that’s a little bit closer to its natural state so that it contains the fiber and it contains maybe a bit of protein or fat to buffer how quickly that carbohydrate will be digested is going to be considered a lower-glycemic-index food.
From a glycemic perspective, your dietitian will tell you move away from white bread and have whole-wheat bread.
If you need a little bit of sweetness, you can look t things like, I’ll just give you a couple ideas of stuff that we’ve made recently.
Here’s where you want to, if you’ve got diabetes, you don’t want to go crazy on the honey, because honey is obviously high glycemic index. The beautiful thing there is that the walnuts—the almonds, in this case—or any other nut that you’re using has high amounts of protein and fat, and the tahini as well, is going to help buffer the sugar in that little treat. And pastas, if you have to have pasta, move away from the white pasta, and move toward a rice pasta. With that said, also looking at smoothies, green smoothies and stuff, you want to make sure that you’re getting in things like hempseeds or almond butter or walnuts or some type of healthy fat like coconut oil or avocadoes in the smoothie so that it’s not pure, straight-up fruit sugar. That’s why, unfortunately, we tend to take action only when there’s a great amount of pain. I want you to know that if you do have type 2 diabetes or if you know anyone who does, I want you to understand that you do not have to lose hope.
You can even do things like sitting in your chair and contract all your muscles isometrically. Super Nutrition Academy is the ONLY nutrition course that makes it easy for everyday people to understand the complex relationship between nutrition and health.
Designing a diabetic menu that satisfies your hunger for great tasting food AND helps you gain optimal blood sugar control is not as hard as you think.
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So, the more often insulin is present in your bloodstream, the greater the probability of your muscle cells and your cells, overall, in your body, the greater the likelihood of them becoming more resistant or less sensitive to insulin. Berries are tremendous because they’re very high in antioxidants, which will help restore the health of your bloodstream and a great source of fiber. They are lower in glucose, a little bit higher in fructose, but if you eat them in their whole state, there’s really no problem because they’re very low glycemic index, again, and you’re not getting these surges in blood sugar that you would get with bananas or dates or grapes or watermelon and stuff like that. When you eat a food, how quickly it is broken down and how quickly it spikes your blood sugar is essentially what determines if it’s a high-glycemic food or not.
So, if you eat a lot of those foods, just imagine how quickly your blood sugar can get spiked.
Examples of that would be like white bread, white pasta, even potatoes are actually considered a high-glycemic food. So, white bread is high-glycemic; whole wheat or whole-grain bread would be lower-glycemic-index because it has more fiber in it.
That’s fine but the best thing would actually be to not have bread at all, because we’ve mentioned that bread really has no nutritional merit at all in the human diet.

Those are nonsweet fruit, they’re low-glycemic-index, and they’re much better for you in terms of the overall nutrition they provide than some of the other very, very sweet fruit.
Whether it’s whole wheat or white bread or 12-grain, it doesn’t matter; just get rid of it. If anybody follows these recommendations, then you will be much healthier, much better off than about 95 percent of the population.
This stuff doesn’t happen overnight, but we’re seeing diabetes occur in kids as young as eight or ten years old now.
I talk about food combining in the sense that you generally don’t want to combine starchy carbs and complex proteins because they require different digestive environments, and if you have them together, their digestion is compromised. Download the free report, watch the video on that page—it’s actually just really information in and of itself—and you’ll learn a ton more about type 2 diabetes and what you can do to really reverse the whole thing, because you can reverse diabetes.
Until something really happens, like you’ve got diabetic retinopathy or neuropathy, you lose your foot, or you can’t see anymore, there isn’t much motivation.
Exercise has the exact same effect at the cellular level that insulin does, so when you exercise it allows the cells to uptake glucose; exactly what insulin does. If you're tired of all the conflicting health information out there and want a clear-cut, evidence-based understanding of the nutrition and health topics that matter you, then get started today. However, you seem to be saying that presumable white rice pasta is a better option than than white wheat pasta ?? Personally I have found that either white or wholemeal pasta of any kind is bad for my blood suger levels, therefore for Insulin levels too. However, if you do not have diabetes yourself, it is very hard to suggest foods that diabetics should eat. Even if you’re not obese, you still have risk of diabetes depending on the quality of your diet. You’ll discover how type 2 diabetes really comes about and what we can do to reverse it—what you can do to reverse it—in, really, a matter of a couple weeks, couple months maybe. If you eat a diet that is high in refined sugars, refined carbohydrates, those are the main two culprits.
Well, the first thing is, you need to look at ways to minimize the levels of insulin in your body. Take a piece of white bread, put it in your mouth, close your mouth, and it will dissolve in 30 seconds tops. I’m not a huge fan of potatoes—white potatoes, at least; sweet potatoes are a different story. The fiber slows down how quickly that bread is digested and how quickly a blood sugar response initiates as a result of it. Now, this isn’t to say that you should go eat a lot of meat, but you want to start looking at foods that are lower on the glycemic index, and when you have your meals, you want to have a meal that has a lower glycemic load, which means that the composition of your meal, if you look at your plate, when you add all the components together, it has an overall low-glycemic load. If, as an alternative, you had, let’s say, an omelet with black beans and avocado on the side, that would be a lower glycemic load because the omelet is higher in protein, you have the fat from the avocado, and the beans are a really good carbohydrate, and they have a lot of good fiber in them.
Really, when you understand how diabetes works and how blood sugar response works, it really becomes a very simple equation.
So, instead of going to Starbucks and loading up with a caramel Frappuccino, mocha whatever that has 50 grams of sugar in it, just think about how all this stuff adds up, all these drinks, all these coffees, Red Bulls, sodas, premade fruit juices, all this stuff.
As parents, it’s our responsibility to not only eat cleaner for ourselves, but to eat cleaner and choose better foods for our households so we’re better examples for our kids and so they don’t have garbage to turn to. You add a little bit of honey in from a binding perspective, so the honey will kind of be like glue, and then you add in a bit of stevia. It’s just an example of stuff you can do when you’re eating clean and eating properly instead of croissants and all the pastries and stuff that taste great, but, unfortunately, they really do damage to our bodies over time. As I’ve mentioned in previous episodes, clean meat, free-[range], organic, grass-fed as much as possible, maybe two, three, four times a week. In the case of people with blood sugar issues or diabetes, those are scenarios where you actually want to have a bit of a combination of those foods because they will slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream. And you can do it; you just have to find the motivation within or find people around you to support you, to help you make those necessary changes.
So, with diabetics, they’ve shown that a ten-second sprint at the end of your workout can help reduce blood sugars and improve insulin sensitivity.
I would recommend that you mention some of the doctors who are actually making their patients better, like Dr.

Anything that’s going to set your blood sugar out of whack is really going to be the main cause over time.
The first thing you want to think about is reducing foods that spike your blood sugar, so move away from the foods I just mentioned: refined carbohydrates and sugars.
And those are great indicators of how foods can quickly be digested—through salivary enzymes in this case—and when carbohydrates like that are broken down, they’re broken down into what? Coke, sodas, they all are mainly formed around those types of sugars, and they’re very easily digested and very quick to increase your blood sugar. Put in some meat if you need to; put in something, whether it’s meatballs or whatever, to mitigate the blood sugar effect. He did everything through diet when he went to see his dietitian, and then he kind of just let himself go.
If you know anyone who has type 2 diabetes, make sure you forward that information to them. Though, in the end my blood sugar rises just as high, even though slower than with the white variety. The only way of eating that has enabled me to have normal blood glucose numbers is Bernsteins low carb regimen. If there’s too much insulin all the time as a result of eating too much, eating the wrong foods, specifically sugars—and when I’m talking about sugars, I’m not talking about fruits; I’m talking about refined sugars, the stuff in packages, the sugars that are added in processed foods, and then, obviously, white breads and most grains.
If you think of a lot of kids’ cereals that are high in sugar; those are going to be high glycemic index.
It’ll keep you fuller for longer, more satiated, and it provides those different buffers, the protein and fat, to really minimize how quickly the nutrients are leaving the stomach in terms of their ability to impact blood sugar.
Other than white potatoes, maybe carrots, to some degree, are a little bit high-glycemic, but any other vegetables are great.
Quinoa; quinoa is, like, 20 percent protein, so right there you know it’s not going to spike your blood sugar because it’s very, very high in protein, very high in fiber, very high in all these amazing nutrients.
The only snacks that should be available as far as I’m concerned are ones that are made from scratch. We had soaked almonds, took about a cup of it, threw it in the food processor along with tahini, about a cup and a half of tahini. If you just have straight up, whether it’s rice pasta or not, it will break down rather quickly, okay? Recently, when I was visiting him, he was drinking orange juice first thing in the morning. Por ello, la piramide de alimentos de los diabeticos no es muy diferente a la que se recomienda para todas las personas.
Si necesitas una, lo mejor es que hables con tus padres y juntos veais como podeis hacerlo. Think about all the green vegetables, the cruciferous vegetables, the green, leafy vegetables. That’s one of the worst things you can do as a diabetic, is have orange juice first thing in the morning or at any point of the day, because you’re just simply drinking sugar. We should stop trying to continue eating the rubbish we did before get over it and see we can live healthily, if differently to many other people. Sin embargo, en el caso de las personas diabeticas, seguir esta dieta sana es fundamental en la vida diaria.Aqui os dejamos otra piramide de los alimentos para los diabeticos. Quizas tengais que consultar con el medico de cabecera o con un experto en nutricion para que os ayude… pero no se puede hacer sin conocerte puesto que una dieta adecuada depende de cada persona. Even natural fruit and less carb rich fruits as berries apples cause some issues for some of us. Buckwheat; these are all examples of grains that do not contain gluten, that are closer to their natural form.
They have more fiber, they have more nutrition, and, therefore, they’re going to be better off for the diabetic.

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