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A value-packed mic package that includes 2 Audio-Technica M4000S hand-held dynamic microphones, 2 Musician's Gear 20' Lo-Z mic cables, and 2 ProLine round-base mic stands for an incredibly low price. Divide your purchase into 24 equal payments and receive 24 months of interest free financing.
This is a deal that shouldn't be passed up.Audio-Technica M4000S handheld dynamic microphonesThese microphones have professional features coupled with a durable design. Our dual wireless microphone system are excellent for singing, speech and instruments because of their smooth frequency response. Besides, gooseneck microphones are designed with a long cable line, which facilitate to move somewhere. Great feedback rejection and focused pick up are due to their unidirectional polar pattern.
Our ham radio microphones are quality-guaranteed, which are made of professional and special materials. Whether you're on the road, in the studio, or just performing at local gigs, its all-metal design helps provide years of trouble free use.Musician's Gear 20ft Lo-Z mic cablesThese flexible mic cables have Neutrik male XLR to female XLR connectors, and are a great value.

Round Base Mic StandsThese microphone stands safely and securely maintain the position you set for your microphones to capture the perfect sound -- in the studio or during live performance. The Round Base Microphone Stand features die-cast metal clutches and a heavy-duty die-cast base that keeps the stand where you set it. But the cables are very poor--specifically, the connectors are so bad that I invariably have to tinker with them, often tying the cable around the mic, to get the sound to go through the connector. On one stand, a screw fell out and the piece fell off too, and on the other stand, the piece that held the microphone broke in half. The real test will be when we take them along with the stands back and forth a few times to a gig, but they should be just fine as long as the roadies (us) handle them with care. Well I can tell you from experience that this is a package the fits the bill for local artists looking for a solid mic at working musicians price. The mic is well balanced great for backing vocals with the polarization and frequency response at the right levels so that the mic responds accurately at an 1'-2' away and up close on the mic. The only downsides I can think of are with the stands, they are pretty heavy and roll around in the car.

Try these, and you will wonder why anyone would spend $100 on an SM58 when two of these mikes (with sturdy stands and decent cables) can be had for barely more than half that. These are far superior to the SM58, and, with this deal, each mike probably only comes out to costing around $15.
These sound very clear with just a little taste of EQ, and work great for vocals, drums, guitar amps, and just about any other job you could throw it at. Ladyfrom Chicago, ILComments about Audio-Technica M4000S Mic Stage Package:This is a very economic package that worked GREAT.
Ive used them at quiet and loud volumes, messed with eq and gain, and whatever i do the quality is matchable with high end microphone.

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