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A newly processed image M81 and M82 (courtesy of Terry Hancock at Down Under Observatory); click to enlarge.
The centers of M81 and M82 are now only 150,000 light years apart, and they continue to interact strongly.  As they move closer, M82 may eventually be stripped of gas and dust and become a tight and featureless elliptical galaxy. Sunday evening was still and clear with good seeing so I made my excuses and headed to the shed for another Messier Object imaging session. That finished, I turned the scope towards the Moon which was by then well above the horizon with the Sun not far behind. I had intended to go the last mile and get some early-morning sunspot images but before the Sun reached a suitable position I was too knackered so I called it a morning, packed up and got me a few ZZZZs before the usual waking-up time.
YHAWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better. I promised you, this week, we’d be taking a look at the power of the Hubble Space Telescope. Yes, I know Hubble was a pipe man, but I’m talking about the Cigar Galaxy, otherwise known as M82. And together in the sky with it’s neighbor, M81, it forms one of the closest pairs of galaxies to us in the Universe.
Of course, amateur telescopes have gotten amazingly good at photographing this object, improving dramatically over the last two decades. But if you go from looking in just the visible to also looking in the infrared, you discover something amazing about this galaxy. At its core, there are wisps of stars emanating in both directions, perpendicular to the galaxy! And all that said, let’s see what additional light the Hubble Space Telescope can shed on this cosmic cigar.

This image, taken in 2005 by Hubble, blows all the others away in terms of resolution and detail. You can easily waste the whole day away on this image, including looking at forgotten, uninteresting regions away from M82 itself, and finding ultra-distant galaxies!
Super Lig”de 3?te 3 yap?p zirve takibini surduren Fenerbahce, bugun 19.00?da Ankaragucu ile kars? kars?ya gelecek. In the last image there is a vertical line of three objects, the first two look like galaxies.
So I have a project for someone with spare cycles and software lying aorund for such simulations.
Now it’s believed it was a normal spiral galaxy racked by an intense bout of star formation in its core, likely triggered by a strong gravitational interaction with M81 about 100 million years ago.  In infrared light, M82 is the brightest galaxy in the sky, likely because of intense star formation in its spiral arms. On March 28, 1993, the Spanish amateur Francisco Garcia Diaz discovered the exploding star from Lugo, Spain. For some reason the northern skies were darker than I'd expected so I had a look around there and decided to try to image M81 and M82 in one hit.
Jupiter had already risen and was an obvious target so I opted to go for a wide shot with the webcam and CCD camera in order to pick up some Galilean moons. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
I’ll try to remember to display the reason(s) for whatever editing I do, so that folk aren’t left hanging wondering what happened and why. Visible with a small telescope or even good binoculars, M82 has been studied since at least the 1700s. The galactic winds in M82 are still somewhat of a mystery, but it certainly makes for a beautiful sight.

While this thumbnail doesn’t really do it justice, you can click here and see details down to individual stars in this galaxy! He discovered the 11th magnitude supernova the old-fashioned way… visually… with his 10-inch Newtonian telescope at a magnification of 111x. After a bit of jiggery-pokery I got the 1000D rotated to get a decent framing and then I set to with the hardware and software.
Because M82 and M81 are gravitationally interacting; in fact, they’re near the beginning of a long process of merging together! Aykut Kocaman, kupada yenildikleri rakipleri kars?s?nda c?kacaklar? mac oncesi ogrencilerini hafta boyunca s?k s?k uyar?rken, ilk yar?daki son deplasmanda bir surpriz yasamak istemiyor. After a couple of hours I'd got some decent subframes so I moved to a different target - M74. Separated by only a few hundred thousand light years, they’re estimated to have passed close by one another just 200 million years ago; the distortions we see in both galaxies are due to that recent encounter!
Oyuncularla yapt?g? son toplant?da Ankaragucu mac?n?n onemine deginen Kocaman”?n ogrencilerine, “Bir kazaya ugramamak icin herkes elinden geleni yapmal?. I upped the exposure from the standard 5 minutes to a more realistic 15 but still didn't get useful results so I scrubbed the attempt.

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