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Reproduces a variety of barricades made from different material, including steel rails and wooden logs. This set includes a large selection of military and civilian signs found in Eastern and Western Europe during the WWII years.
The passenger seats, folding commander's table, and radio sets all overflow with authenticity. Kit also features a bazooka, ammunition cartridges, ring mounted M2 heavy machine gun and other detailed accessories.

The M8 was equipped with a liquid-cooled 110hp gasoline engine that powered all six wheels, giving it excellent off-road capability. Signs have been meticulously researched and reproduced on high quality decals for the ultimate in historical accuracy.
The usual open top turret received an extra 'lid', probably to protect the crew from Molotov Cocktails and roof-top snipers. An open-top turret armed with a 37mm cannon and M2 heavy machine gun also gave it a powerful punch for supporting infantry.

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