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This image of the core of the nearby spiral galaxy M51, taken with the Wide Field Planetary camera (in PC mode) on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, shows a striking , dark "X" silhouetted across the galaxy's nucleus. Over the course of the last year, my family and I have had the opportunity to cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines on three different occasions. We cruised out of Port Canaveral and quickly fell in love with all of the on board entertainment. In February 2014, we found ourselves on board another Fantasy Class Ship: The Carnival Ecstasy. We like to cruise to experience the ports of call and we do enjoy the music that is offered throughout the ships. Each ship offered a miniature golf course, Carnival Kids Club, nice variety of food, swimming pool, and an adults area only known as Serenity. All three ships provided memories that were priceless and quite honestly, I’m looking forward to checking out another Carnival Cruise ship in 2014; which one should we look into? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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This 105mm Howitzer M102 was photographed at the Tropic Lightning Museum, Schofield Barracks,Hawaii in August 2012.

The "X" is due to absorption by dust and marks the exact position of a black hole which may have a mass equivalent to one-million stars like the sun. On the first cruise over Spring Break, we were part of an extended family cruise and we cruised on the Carnival Sensation.
Entertainment was adequate, just not a full slate of activities that you may find on a larger ship, such as the Carnival Dream. Cozumel was part of our itinerary while cruising on the Carnival Dream and the Carnival Ecstasy. I would have to say that the Carnival Dream was our favorite ship when it comes to choosing between these three ships.
I think I need to take one more to determine if I truly like to cruise or if it just isn’t for me.
The one thing we enjoyed about the Carnival Sensation was the fact that it was not huge and the food lines were always manageable. Due to the size of the Carnival Dream, the food selection and entertainment choices were more numerous when compared to the smaller ships. Like you said about the Sensation and the Ectasy, the Fantasy and the Conquest are older, smaller ships perfect for short cruises. The edge-on torus not only hides the black hole and accretion disk from being viewed directly from earth, but also determines the axis of a jet of high-speed plasma and confines radiation from the accretion disk to a pair of oppositely directed cones of light, which ionize gas caught in their beam.

The Carnival Dream was perfect for our longer cruise and we always had something to do or somewhere to go.
While I loved the ports on our Caribbean cruise, I especially enjoyed the scenic views of Alaska. I’m anxious to read what you have to say about the Carnival Sunshine, as that ship is on our radar. The Dream is ideal for longer cruises or if you prefer a wider range of dining and entertaining options.
The Serenity area on the Carnival Dream was so big that it wrapped around the side of the ship. Next month I’ll check out the Sunshine on an abbreviated excursion to the Bahamas, and I can’t wait to see it! If you are on board the Carnival Dream, do make reservations to dine at Chef’s Art Steakhouse, it’s worth the extra money!

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