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SIG Rifle Photography ThreadThis is a discussion on SIG Rifle Photography Thread within the SIG Sauer Rifles forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Some pics of my 716. Register Welcome to the SIG Talk Forum dedicated to SIG Sauer Pistols and SIG Sauer Rifles. It would be nice to have a 'shoot day' in various regions to get SIG owners together to try out each others rigs. Originally Posted by In2Deep It would be nice to have a 'shoot day' in various regions to get SIG owners together to try out each others rigs.
Originally Posted by ekimsotnas07 I did remove the rear sight to mount the magnifier, but i put it back on after the pics were taken. Originally Posted by Macho1021 Did you order the muzzle break online or did your GS stock it? Originally Posted by Macho1021 I've never upgraded a mb, does it really cut some of the recoil? As a full-time LE firearms instructor and former carbine instructor-trainer for the state police academy, I seldom pass up an opportunity to fire a well-made carbine. The SIG Sauer perspective, according to Jarrod McDevitt, rifle product manager, is that the M400 is customer driven with direct requests from LE that specifically desired an M4-style carbine.
According to SIG Sauer, the lower receiver is forged 7075-T6 aluminum and contains many unique design features that set it apart from the classic M4 it emulates. Inside the lower, SIG Sauer has included a spring tension plunger “Accu-tensioner,” which places upward pressure on the rear takedown pin. SIG Sauer has thought to include one on the M400 and has even built up a protective fence similar to the one that protects the right-side mag release. Also included in the M400 lower are two sockets where the operator can attach QD sling swivels or a single-point sling with a push-button release. Prior to taking this SIG Sauer carbine out to the range, I removed the carry handle and replaced it with the new Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO). There are some self-defense trainers who believe that the carbine is not suited for home or personal defense, citing size and their belief that the carbine is ungainly. Further I’ve also been in self-defense situations at home when I had time to obtain and prepare my 5.56 carbine. No, to deal with violent criminals in today’s chaotic world requires a multifaceted approach.
The M400 is based on customer feedback on what real-world people want to see in a 5.56 carbine.

Book of the AR-15 has all the information you could possibly need about America’s favorite semi-auto rifle. Order by 3:30 PM MST tomorrow and your product will ship on Tuesday, August 9th, barring procurement delays or supplier shortages. Dual paper drawers and a multipurpose tray—on the LaserJet Pro 400 Color M475dw—will provide users with a maximum paper capacity of 550 sheets.
We welcome everyone and the community is free to join so register today and become part of the SIG Talk Forum! Touring the factory, I saw new machining capabilities and quality-control measures operating in perfect function. This flattop shooter comes with a detachable carry handle sporting A2-style adjustable rear sights. The thought is similar to polymer wedges often employed in this area to reduce movement and play between the upper and lower halves, thereby enhancing accuracy. An accomplished shooter and armorer associate of mine expressed concern that the placement of the left-side mag release, which lies close to the bottom of the bolt catch, would interfere with locking the bolt to the rear, especially when wearing gloves.
This is an excellent improvement to the M4 concept that saves the user additional expense via modern engineering. As a firm believer in the efficiencies of red dot sights for law enforcement, the PRO has most of the benefits of Aimpoint’s fine line of collimator sights, but at a substantially lower cost.
The standard AR forearm works well but does not allow a white light that I’m partial to mounted on the rifle. After hundreds of patrol and SWAT situations in which I’ve pointed all matter of firearms at people, they’ve all been inside 50 feet, with most at room distance.
Others cite the expedient-development nature of threats, the notion that you won’t have time to get a long-gun in certain scenarios. One such situation occurred when my wife and I believed someone was shooting at our home from the woods behind our property (gunshots, then the sound of pellets whistling through the trees above the house). From gun and gear reviews to commentary, Book of the AR-15 is your go-to source for everything AR. TNP on YouTube recommended the Griffin Armament mb, which I was able to find online and in stock. At the time of my visit, the company had just invested millions to further its goal of being the finest maker of small arms in the world.
McDevitt pointed out that select design features of the SIG Sauer M400 product line offer both citizens and police officers even more to choose from.

Now, I’ve always been honest enough to state that most carbines shoot better than I do, so attempts to improve accuracy by making the fit tighter, while appreciated, are not needed.
I’ve seen several who do an excellent job with a traditional magazine release, but it does take practice and is not as efficient as a rifle operated by a right-handed shooter. Such was not the case, as I was easily able to perform this function while wearing standard patrol-style gloves. This is certainly appreciated in these budget-crunching times when many law enforcement officer are paying for their own rifles and optics. This is easily solved by an aftermarket mount that places a small section of Picatinny rail next to the front sight tower or by purchasing an aftermarket quad rail forend system.
My usual repertoire of carbine skill drills includes stepping off line while raising and firing, 90- and 180-degree facing movements, kneeling, prone and shooting on the move in either a slower “search speed” or faster “raid speed,” eventually picking up the pace to include “hostage rescue speed.” The last is essentially moving as fast as I can accurately shoot. I understand the ease of carrying and searching a structure with a pistol, but I’ve also conducted hundreds of narcotics search warrants and tactical operations searching for violent felons.
Prior to the local law enforcement response, it gave me comfort to know I could have taken a shot at a suspect 100 yards away in the wood-line. At the SIG Academy I got my hands on the entire product line and was permitted to shoot everything from pistols to sniper rifles. At this time, the hottest-selling model is the M400 Enhanced FDE with flat dark earth forearm and stock, with SIG Sauer offering the same finish on the upper and lower receivers. My teammates and I chose to deploy with long-guns, either subguns or carbines, in these ops. The company offers many of the features customers must purchase on their own “out of the box,” which is a refreshing concept. With proper training, practice and the correct mindset, the M400 can fill that self-protection niche with ergonomic handling, a sound design, lifesaving accuracy and dependable performance.
The SIG Sauer M400 functioned flawlessly with the aforementioned trigger and fine ergonomics of the M4 design.

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