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Polar is known for hardcore GPS watches, bike mounts, and chest straps, but now the company is expanding its horizons.
As usual, the A360's optical heart rate monitor sits on the underside of the device, but it's not completely cookie-cutter. These modes can be leveraged in conjunction with Polar’s existing Smart Coaching functions – which allow you to build out heart rate based workouts of structure on the Polar Flow website and then download them to the watch.  This functionality also covers guidance around targeted workouts in terms of focusing on a given effort level for a specific workout and understanding the purpose of that workout.
You’ll only need to sync your Polar M400, V800 or A300 to Polar Flow as normal via your mobile phone or computer with the USB port downloading.
Now while MyFitnessPal might not be as appealing to endurance athletes, Polar says it’s the first service they’re working to support with the background sync service they rolled out this fall.  They are working with a number of the other ‘majors’ in the endurance segment, but declined to announce the names quite yet.
Remember again that you can always mix and match any products within the product comparison tool. The A300 does however have a handful of features that the M400 doesn’t, like vibration alerts, changeable bands, and the ability to use it to record heart rate while swimming.  But those features are somewhat in conflict with the people who would realistically want them (and pay for them) at the M400 price point instead. As for an in-depth review, Polar’s handing off to me a unit Monday, so I’ll likely aim for some form of review later in the month or early February, depending on the load of devices coming out of CES this week (and into my suitcase). I know this is off-topic, but are you going to review the Microsoft Band in the near future?
Can this watch simultaneously send pulse on dispay of watch and on smartfone via bluetooth in running? Ray – Just trying to work out if this allows me to get one Polar device and remove my need to have an actual Fitbit device. Bought my Polar 5 days ago and I know I have arythmia (SVT) that is I also wanted to check my pulse at night and noticed >200 few times after night in the diary.
For anyone wondering, I regularly take showers wearing this watch and have yet to have any problems! Caracteristicas principales: el companero de entrenamiento mas inteligente con gps gps integrado para la velocidad, la distancia y la ruta (altitud desde el.
Rc3 gps pulsometro de entrenamiento con gps integrado pulsometro de entrenamiento compacto con gps integrado.

Relojes gps running, correr, cycling ciclismo; polar, garmin forerunner, suunto, nike+ tomtom. Polar, ya os adelantamos este n entraba en el mercado de los cuantificadores su pulsera loop, se olvida de los profesionales amateurs.
Conoce detalle tu composicio corporal (Indice de corporal, porcentaje de grasa, peso visceral porcentaje de agua) consigue tus objetivos.
Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Polar announced the A360 fitness tracker, launching the brand into the incredibly crowded "smart band" category. It's made of a waterproof, rectangular module that sits atop your wrist, and it stays secure with a silicon band. The A360 can connect via Bluetooth to Polar's H7 heart rate chest strap, which is a convenient feature not usually found in devices with wrist-bound heart rate monitors. Don’t forget to check out all my CES 2015 coverage, as well as my continual updates throughout the day on Twitter.  It’s gonna be a crazy busy week! Most sites provide only a very limited approach from a reviewer that has an equally limited understanding of the product.
IIRC, you said you received a sample from Microsoft, but never got around to reviewing it or even previewing it.
Even with the module not being curved, it felt comfortable when I tried it on (mostly thanks to the flexible band). When I briefly tried on the A360, the heart rate monitor was quick to read my pulse unlike competitive devices that take at least a few seconds to warm up.
While you won't be able to connect to a third-party chest strap, this still offers an alternative for those who aren't a fan of wearing fitness bands bone-crushingly tight around their wrists. The Polar information on all the swimming sports profiles indicates that it does, although the specific model is not indicated. If you have questions as I work on the review, click the link above and leave comments with your questions.

Considering Polar invented the first wireless EKG heart rate monitor back in the late 1970s, I'm interested to test the monitor further to see just how accurate it is especially during intense workouts. Plus, the closer the monitor is to your chest, the more accurate your heart rate reading will typically be. Anyone doing intense heart rate zone training will want to use a chest strap over a wristband. I know you tackle those subjects which was why I am still hoping you’ll write something about it!
Apparently the H7 has 2 different transmitting frequencies which allows some HR monitors to work in the water. It measures 11.5mm thick and weighs a bit over 56g, making it comparable in weight to the RCX-5 and much lighter than the Terra and fenix 2. I have used the M400 for several months, with MUCH sweating involved and best I can tell…there has been zero impact due to moisture. Not quite as fast as the Garmin fenix 2, but much quicker than early generation running watches. From a runner’s perspective, the only negative I have found with the M400 is there are no vibration alerts for mile markers or heart rate thresholds. I compared the heart rate data of the M400 to the handgrip HR sensors on the two elliptical machines I regularly use and they were always within a beat or two of each other. For testing the accuracy of distance and pace, I wore both the M400 and fenix 2 out on several runs and they were within a tenth or two of a mile over 4-5 miles, of each other. The screen capture you see here is of the app’s data for the same timeframe I showed you above with the website showing 132% as my weekly goal accomplished and the app showing 46% with half the days I wore the watch never appearing in the app.

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