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Der Micro 3D Printer ist kompakt, leicht, bunt - und er soll nur wenige Hundert US-Dollar kosten.
Der Micro 3D Printer ist - der Name legt es nahe - relativ klein: Der Bauraum betragt etwa 11 x 11 x 12 Zentimeter. Der Drucker nutzt das Schmelzschichtungsverfahren und verarbeitet die Kunststoffe ABS, PLA sowie Kunststoff mit einem Holzanteil. Um die Auflosung zu gewahrleisten, hat das Unternehmen eine spezielle Sensortechnik entwickelt, die Micro Motion Technology. Mit dem Algorithmus Rack will Google das altehrwürdige TCP modernisieren und damit interaktive Anwendungen deutlich beschleunigen. CES is an opportune time to show your wares to one of the largest congregation of technology-minded people on the planet and MakerBot is definitely not going to let that chance pass by.
Knowing that not everyone needs a 3D printer with all the bells and whistles, MakerBot is making available the Replicator Mini. On the other extreme lies the MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D printer, giving users the best bang for their buck. In the world of $20,000 3D printers like the most recent professional desktop printer from Objet and the $1,700+ MakerBot Replicator, is there an alternative? There is also a wiki with various recommendations on electronics to use, as well as detailed specs and CAD files pertaining to the platform. Right now there are over 120 ORD BOT users, and you can get your own over at Inventables if they get enough pre-orders for another batch by May 31st. 3D Printing IPO Darling voxeljet (VJET) Soars on First Day of Trading On its first day as a public company, voxeljet stock (VJET) is soaring at 70% above its initial targeted price of $13.
Spooky Designs You Can 3D Print for Halloween from Shapeways Here are some 3D printed designs that will be perfect additions to your Halloween.
3D Scanning and Printing Dinosaurs, Open-Sourcing Scientific Data In the past, scaling and reproducing fossils was cost prohibitive and was in the domain of artists.

Copyright (C) 2007?–°e«?a††a?? i??c?Za®?e™?i??i??i??c?Za®?a®¤enviee«?a††a??i?zi?z??‰a?¦a??i??a?­e‡Za??i??e??a??a?¶e°·i??e?»c??i??. Hersteller M3D will den 3D-Drucker im Zuge einer Crowdfunding-Kampagne fur 200 US-Dollar anbieten. Das Gerat, das am Wochenende auf der Messe 3D Print Show in New York vorgestellt wurde, soll nur 300 US-Dollar kosten. Da der Rahmen aus kohlenstofffaserverstarktem Kunststoff besteht, ist er auch relativ leicht: Der 3D-Drucker wiegt etwa 1 Kilogramm.
Der Draht wird von einer Spindel abgewickelt, die unter der Arbeitsplattform verborgen ist. Der Sensor ist laut dem Hersteller in den Druckkopf integriert und liefert genaue Daten uber die Bewegungen des Kopfes. Die 3D-Daten kommen per USB auf das Gerat, das mit einem Mac und einem PC betrieben werden kann. Hersteller M3D hat fur den kommenden Monat eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne uber die Plattform Kickstarter angekundigt. Der Genremix von Double Fine mit viel Humor ist in einem schrillen 70er-Jahre-Universum angesiedelt. The Z18 takes its name from its printing volume capacity, which is 12 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 18 inches high. The MakerBot Replicator Desktop is now available for $2,899 directly from the MakerBot website. Discovered at Maker Faire Bay Area 2012: the ORD BOT, a 3D printer that is cheaper, faster, and smaller than the competition.
However, unlike the MakerBot, the ORD BOT can only print using one color at a time (for now, anyway).
The platform will cost you $290 for the smallest one, called the Quantum, and $400 for the Hadron–the platform plus necessary electronics is still several hundreds dollars cheaper than other commercial 3D printers out there.

Zudem hat Hersteller M3D darauf geachtet, dass das Gerat sparsam beim Stromverbrauch ist: Es nimmt nur 15 Watt auf. Die hochste Auflosung betragt 50 Mikrometer, die Druckgeschwindigkeit 60 Millimeter in der Sekunde. The printer affords a 100-micron layer resolution and connects to MakerBot's new desktop and mobile apps via a USB or Ethernet cable or over WiFi. That said, this 3D printer is built for speed and ease of use, featuring One-Touch 3D printing. Not only is the Replicator Z18 big, it can also print multiple models at once, making the printer suitable for more serious prototyping or production situations. The Replicator Mini and the Replicator Z18 won't be available until spring this year and will cost around $1,375 and $6,499, respectively.
But what it lacks in color it gains in speed: Its print speeds exceed 400mm per second and can reach up to a whopping 1 meter per second. The Replicator Desktop is equipped with a camera for monitoring printing as well as the Smart Extruder for detecting filament absence, which then automatically pauses the printing process. It still has the core features of a MakerBot 3D Printer, including the Smart Extruder and on-board camera, making the Replicator Mini perfect for dorms, classrooms, or homes. The ORD BOT comes with two different print areas with the largest, called the Hadron, being about 200 square milimeters.

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