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This post contains guidelines for selecting the appropriate safety standards for equipment associated with 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and can serve as an example for other new technology products that can’t be easily categorized. The intent is to associate 3D printing and additive manufacturing equipment with relevant, existing safety standards for the various current uses of this technology, including commercial, consumer, food processing and medical equipment.  Generally, existing standards that cover similar types of equipment used in similar operating environments may be used for equipment associated with additive manufacturing. When the equipment involves technologies, materials or methods of construction not specifically covered by the standard, the equipment should provide safeguards not less than that generally afforded by the applicable standard and the principles of hazard-based safety engineering, as found in standards like IEC 62368-1.
Contact MET, a leading 3rd party test laboratory, to determine what requirements apply to your equipment. Welcome to Compliance Today!The latest news and resources to help electrical product manufacturers comply with regulatory and buyer requirements, courtesy of MET Laboratories. 3D Systems has a wide range of 3D Printers ranging in price from $100K+ to $9,900 in the form of their new V-Flash system.

Stratasys is the market leader in 3D Printing and pioneered the technology that is now employed by the MakerBot. Objet has yet to release their new low cost 3D printer, but announced that it would be available in 2011. 3D Printing is an amazing technology and it was expensive, but the technology is drastically dropping in price.
However, none of these reporters seem to bother checking the websites of 3D printer manufacturers. Their low cost model, the ZCorp 150, is monochrome, but still capable of producing low cost and high resolution parts on a relatively affordable machine. To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories.

They are high fidelity and very durable, you can print complex shapes that require physical support, something that can’t be done with low cost kit systems and the surface finish is a lot smoother. The reporter says 3D printers cost $40,000, but in reality, you can get an amazing 3D printer for <$10,000.

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