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TC Electronic M3000 ReverbThe VSS3-reverb technology inherent in the M3000 is an industry standard. The M3000 is a dual-engine reverb-unit, where both software algorithms and hardware performance is optimized to the highest level.
In addition to all the reverb algorithms M3000 contains various processing effects and tools that can be used stand alone or in conjunction with the reverb programs. M3000 holds one of the most versatile sets of application specific factory presets on the reverb-market.

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World leader in pristine, digital and analog audio processing for guitar effects, studio, computer recording, broadcasting and bass amplification since 1976.
The compact and flexible Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 server delivers greatly improved business efficiency. Enter Your Email Address to receive monthly information on specials, promotions, events and announcements. This leaves you with a box that is a no compromise solution solving all your reverb requirements - and in the easiest way thinkable. 250 Single Engine plus 50 Combined dedicated Music production presets, and 250 Single Engine plus 50 Combined Film&Post-production presets, gives you a total of 600 factory presets to choose from.All of the presets are made by industry professionals and they are ready to use out of the box.
Because it is part of the Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series family, the M3000 allows our customers to scale from 1 CPU to 64 CPUs all within the same family and without having to learn a new management system.

Customers can maintain the current performance levels of two Sun Fire V445 servers by consolidating onto one M3000 server and reduce space and power consumption by 75 percent. Combining ultimate control of directivity in the early reflections with a transparent and harmonically magnificent diffused field, the art of reverberation is brought to a new and higher level.The M3000 enables you to add the softest and cleanest ambience to your work that you have ever heard. That means our customers can take advantage of Enterprise class RAS features in a 2 RU box and can incrementally grow and configure their business processes exactly as they need them. No wasted resources, just improved utilization that will meet their IT needs well into the future. When combined with Sun and partner service offerings, customers can accelerate their time to market, and capture new revenue streams while dramatically improving throughput, energy efficiency and service level predictability, at reduced costs.

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