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Cressida is an Editorial Consultant,  as well as a mum of two, and a self-proclaimed follower of the Frequent Gin school of parenting. We left home at 10am (party started at 12.30) with one child in football kit (it was a football party), a few snacks, and a nicely wrapped copy of Oliver Twist for the birthday boy. The trouble was that the road we were now on – off the bottom of the M3 – had come to a complete standstill.
We ate, drank, used the toilets, played hide and seek with the child in the pub, and stretched a bit.

The nasty flashing signs were warning that the motorway was closed a few junctions around – but that was after our M11 junction so we should be fine. I found a travel report on the radio – they’d shut the M25 to allow an air ambulance to land. We spent the next two hours wrapped in towels, playing a ‘guess the song on Now 84’ game – if the boy and I lost, the girl got to throw a jaffa cake on the verge. Emergency car kit ideas (besides the safety items)…biscuits, mints, cartons of drink, Comedian’s CD to give you some laughs?, doodle books! London-based firm Premium Tours is also set to launch trips around the motorway in time for the Olympics, according to The Independent.It is being advertised that the M25 is London's version of Route 66, America's truly iconic highway which runs from Chicago to Los Angeles.

A four-year, ?75m deal to make improvements to the M25, including a major scheme at the Dartford Crossing, has opened for bids.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. A 'Let us try to prove these judgements wrong with a a€?flight of fancya€? around the London Orbital.'It has also been revealed that competition to the tour is in the offing.

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