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I am in my first year at High School, and there is something that I get teased about a lot. I'm writing so that if there is anyone else out there, reading this now, who has had or is having the same experience as me, I have a message for you: "Be strong. I'm Gifted and Talented and there's a few girls in my class, who call the Gifted ones; Geeks or Nerds and that's because they didn't get chosen.
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First News is the UK's only newspaper for young people and the widest-read children's publication in the country with a readership of 2,042,199 seven to 14 year olds every week. Lots of other children in my class whisper behind my back, laugh at me and make fun of me because I care about my learning.
I know somebody who has that problem too, I have that problem sometimes, and I understand how you feel. Everybody teased me because my teacher went on and on and on about how 'brilliant' I was and in the end I got my mum to tell my teacher to stop it.

I'm afraid from asking questions because I don't want to be laughed at because of past experiences.
I haven't had that exact problem myself, but I know people who have been in the same sort of situation. And they will regret it, so if they want a good job, they probably won't be able to have that job! As many of you will know, a young bullfighter was killed by a bull in front of an audience in Spain last weekend – the first professional bullfighter to die in the ring in Spain since 1985.
By trying I mean putting my hand up in lessons, completeing homework and classwork as best I can, and following the teachers' instructions. In English, my best friend and I never get picked for reading because our teacher knows that we hate to do it because we're so shy. The incident has sparked a debate in Spain, and across the world, as to whether bullfighting should be banned altogether.
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HD Wallpaper and background images in the My Melody club tagged: my melody sanrio wallpaper. I don't let things get to me much in public; I can put on a brave face now because I've learnt how to. I'm always here to help anyone who has problems because I'm pretty amazing at helping other people! 6 months on I don't have these problems anymore; people respect me, I've made new friends, even a best friend who I'm lucky to have, and I'm doing really well in school.

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