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Auxiliary generator provided extra power and could be used in preheating engine in cold weather. There were six 2-wheeled bogies bolted to the hull which supported the vehicle on volute springs. The early vehicles had the Combination Gun Mount, M34, which had a shield that only protected the gun. The tanks had azimuth and elevation controls installed so that the main gun could be used an artillery weapon.
The ammunition racks were water protected and there was a traveling lock for the main armament in the front to hold it while traveling in non-combat areas. The construction of 2 pilot models based on the M4A4 were authorized by the Ordnance Committee in December 1942. Were intended to replace the M8 Howitzer Motor Carriages that were in Battalion Headquarters Companies and Medium Tank Battalions.
Mine Excavator T2E2: Late 1943 was modified T5E1 with arms and hydraulic lift gear from the M1 dozer so plough could be raised or lowered. Mine Exploder T7: Late 1943, consisted of frame carrying small rollers each made of 2 discs.
Mine Exploder T10: Remote controlled mine exploder with a tricycle unit placed under tank and controlled by following tank.

POA Flame thrower: US Navy Mk I flame thrower fitted inside a 105 mm barrel with breech removed. E1 Anti-personnel Tank Projector: Four projectors put on hull to help ward of suicide troops.
Dangerous fireworks are explosives such as M-80's firecrackers and even small firecrackers known as "Ladie Fingers".
On the good note, a professional pyrotechic business puts on a great show over the local lake every July 4th.
Actor Calum Worthy attends the 50th anniversary commemoration screening of Disney's "Mary Poppins" during AFI FEST 2013 presented by Audi at TCL Chinese Theatre on November 9, 2013 in Hollywood, California. Also FM communication radio systems were installed and could be tied into any local field artillery fire control. The gunner was provided a fighting seat, the commander a convoy seat, and the loader a riding seat.
They are maintained and monitored by licensed pyrotechnicians and local fire departments during the setup and launching process.
HOWEVER FOR THE MOST PART IN THE OUTSKIRTS OF THE CITIES IN THE MORE RURAL SETTINGS IT "IS USUALLY OK". The controlled differential transmitted the power to the final drive unit, and also contained a brake system for steering and stopping the tank.

This had a shield that also protected the .30 cal coaxial machine gun and telescopic sight. Telescopic hold off poles were provided so that a towed vehicle wouldn't get too close during recovery. My tank had a dozer hanging on the front and came in damn handy then and for seven more days until we got knocked out going through a hedgerow, not to mention what we did on the beach. My county allows what the state allows even when there should be a burn ban which is usually lifted for the sale. THE POLICE FOR THE MOST PART TURN A BLIND EYE TO IT UNLESS THEY GET COMPLAINTS OR SOME ONE OR SOMETHING IS INJURED OR ENDANGERED. It also had 2 pieces of armor that were placed beside the gun, where it met with the shield. Gun can also be used in indirect fire mode as an azimuth indicator and elevation quadrant was also available. Many of these rollers were above the suspension brackets, but other models had them shifted towards the back with a track skid on top of the brackets.

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