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Tips for Watching March Madness in Las Vegas – There is no place on Earth where more hoops fans congregate at one time than during March Madness in Las Vegas. The multi-week period of March Madness is one of the busiest periods on the calendar for Las Vegas sports books – most sport books in town are packed to the gills during the opening weekend of the NCAA basketball championship and the crowds continue  all the way to the Final Four. There are different ways to make sure you score that seat at a Las Vegas sports book or viewing party during March Madness, some methods are easier than others, but with some planning you can assure yourself (and your feet) a comfortable experience during one of the most exciting sports weekends in Las Vegas. Everyone is pumped up Thursday and Friday of opening weekend, and even though the excitement rolls right into Saturday and Sunday, far less people are getting up early after a couple of days of “party time” in Las Vegas, therefore sports book seating gets a little easier, especially during the morning hours.
Some of the coolest sports books in town are one’s with more intimate set ups or lounge style seating – The Golden Nugget, Aria, and Cosmopolitan are a few that come to mind. If you can stomach heading to the sports book while the night clubbers are stumbling back to their rooms and the casino floor is being vacuumed, then you have a good chance of scoring a seat at a sports book.
There is a large network of March Madness in Las Vegas fans connecting via Twitter and Facebook. There is no right or wrong answer to whether you should fork out cash for a March Madness viewing party or attend one of the free events around town.

El seaworld mas famoso es in Orlando, Florida, pero hay un parque Seaworld in San Antonio Texas tambien. Standing room only is the norm at just about every sports book and casino bar showing the games. But every year it seems like March Madness fans are claiming their sports book seat earlier and earlier.
I will begin tweeting and retweeting info via Twitter in the weeks ahead and also during the tournament.
The Vegas Parlay List of March Madness Parties in Las Vegas (released right around March 1) includes many of the free and paid options. Well, there are plenty of spots around town that not only have multiple screens set up in resort ballrooms or theaters, but also have betting stations or kiosks set up for wagering on the games. Even the large “super books” like LVH, Caesars Palace and The Mirage have little to no available seating by the time opening tip-off occurs.
As cool as these spots are (and they are very nice sports books) their overall lack of seating will make scoring a spot during March Madness that much harder.

There is a Facebook Community of March Madness in Las Vegas fans that is a top resource full of great people that enjoy March Madness in Vegas. The drinks and food are cheap, betting is available, and the crowd is just as much into the hoops action as the folks that scored seats at the sports book. So plan ahead by looking to reserve seating (which can be tough unless you are a BIG gambler) or simply arrive at the crack of dawn and stake a claim.
Twitter can be useful for more instant information about which sports books or parties have some empty seats available. These “makeshift” sports books that many casinos put together have ample space and seating is usually available with all of the amenities (large screens, betting stations) that you find in the sports book.

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