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Flexor Digitorum: Notice how the muscle is shown attaching from the fingers to the ulna and radius.
A common over-simplification of the classical biomechanical model is that muscles attach directly to bones and that, as a result, one can calculate the force that a muscle is contracting with and assume that this force is applied to the bone which causes the bone to rotate around the fulcrum point of the joint that the muscle crosses. Compare that with this next anatomical drawing, which shows more details of how the fibers of the fascia interact. Now, let us take this one level further and look at the following picture of the knee of a human cadaver.  The Body Worlds Exhibit where I first saw this is an AMAZING experience and opened my mind to a lot of understanding by being able to see the full structure of the body in 3D.
What you see here are broad sheets of connective tissue to which the muscles attach.  Looked at this way, it becomes clear that the exact impact of a muscle contraction will be distributed over a larger complex system of interacting forces. UPDATE Oct 2012 To see some of my recent work on applying fascia centric concepts to tensegrity robotics, see my post on a robotic tensegrity snake, development of a tensegrity based planetary lander, and a video of a lecture I gave in Switzerland.
Very interesting in relation to fibromyalgia and tender spots – I can see now that they correspond to points on the force meridians. All my connective tissue is being agonisingly destroyed and I think the fascitis and fasciosis is the hardest to bear. It’s a deeply grieving to be a healthy person, whose body worked so beautifully, and to be rotting slowly just to give profits to the pharmatrade.
Here you will find my thoughts on being human, based on my ongoing research into robotic and human motion, neuroscience, physiology, and machine learning. My Favorite Ergonomic EquipmentBased on my understanding of human physiology and motion, here are some quick reviews on my favorite ergonomic tools.

The vertical design keeps the arm in a well aligned neutral "handshake" position that prevents the shoulder from rolling forward. Like the 3M mouse above, this keyboard allows you to have your hands in a more neutral vertical position which reduces many of the problems associated with wrist and shoulder pain. Second, if you are going buy things on Amazon anyways, please use the link above to get to Amazon, and then this site will get a small donation from anything you purchase. This was the best book I have read for learning about the function of my own body and is endlessly useful for anyone who is alive and moving in the world.
This book is great to see and understand the complex network of tension in the living body, and to learn about fascia and how it works. Most people are aware of the importance of stretching, and we have covered the topic on the benefits of stretching in an older post that you can read here, but what I would like to focus on today is the importance of stretching your HIP FLEXORS.
Iliacus and Psoas Major (often grouped together and called Iliopsoas) are pure hip flexors (bringing your knee to your chest), whilst Rectus Femoris is a hip flexor and knee extensor (as it crosses both the hip and knee joint). If you have a look at the first picture above (left), you will notice that the Psoas muscle is attached to the lower part of your spine.
Hold this for 30 seconds and repeat for 3 sets,  at least 2-3 times a day (more if you are sitting all day long). Many physical problems from working at a computer and be helped by using an Adjustable Height Desk I have used one for years and love it. The fascia is actually a single tissue that covers the body from head to toe and connects its every part inextricably with one another.

As a Physiotherapist, I consider this muscle group to possibly be the most important muscle group to stretch, as it not only affects athletic ability but also your posture, and subsequently, chronic pain.
Your hip flexors are comprised of 3 distinct muscles namely: Iliacus, Psoas Major and Rectus Femoris (bet you probably never heard of them?).
Thus, if it is tight, it actually pulls your spine down and exaggerates the curve of your lower back (anterior pelvic tilt). Surely if you are not exercising these muscle, there is no reason for them to become overly tight? It acts like an individual wrapping for every internal part, keeping it separate from the rest.
Largely ignored till recent times, mainly because of its undefined function and messy appearance, modern research has revealed the extent of the impact of fascia on muscle strength, bio mechanics and athletic performance. Whether you bring your chest to your knees, or your knees to your chest, its the same movement– HIP FLEXION!

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