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The dramatic high point of my Independence Day was seeing a little kid take a dump in our community pool. Not sure what other point to make about this except personally, I'm pretty numb to the whole business. Alfonso Soriano, who was voted onto the team by the fans in '08 and named as an extra in '07, finished 11th among NL outfielders this time around with a little over 865,000 votes. Since his return from the DL nine days ago, Ramirez had gone 7-for-30 and at one point, had raised his average to .180.
I know Alonso has the first round draft pick pedigree and all, but his performance has been pretty pedestrian.
His numbers are awfully uninteresting, but I just got a look at him this weekend with Louisville coming to Indy. Better to roll the dice on a possible "First Baseman of the future" than any upside of keeping this ricketty ship together.

I agree but I think the Cubs don't have many attractive pieces, either due to salary or poor performance. Lilly is showing signs of declining from age, so watch Hendry sign him for a $12-14 million per year 2-3 year deal. OK, can I point out now that they're looking at trading Lilly because he doesn't have a full NTC?
If you're Ricketts and you know Hendry isn't your man after 2010, why keep him around long enough to handle the fire sale that should happen before the trade deadline?
That meant Soriano collected about 40% as many votes as the Dodgers' Andre Ethier, who came up third in the fan tally for an outfield spot behind Ryan Braun and Jason Heyward.
That's the highest it's been since he was hitting .200 (3-for-15) following the fourth game of the season on April 9th.
Diamond's still got the potential to be a starter down the line, let him keep working at it.

Theriot isn't exactly a "deal sweetener" as many clubs would just send him to AAA if they didn't keep him as a backup middle infielder. The problem is they are so risky, what if it doesn't work out, what if they are just bad, what if they get hurt. He's got all the physical tools to be a superstar if he can fix some of the holes in his swing. Those BB and K numbers are pretty nice, and it's hard not to believe that more homeruns are on their way.
You're pretty consistent in your ignorance about what FA players are worth and the terms they get for their contracts.

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