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Our Wasatch County Utah Recycling Green Team Recycler of the  Month for Heber Valley is Heber Park City Appliance. Our 2012 Recycler of the Month for February is Slim and Knobby’s Bike Shop, Located in Heber City Utah. Slim and Knobbies grand opening was less than a year ago and they’ve quickly established a reputation for fast and honest work, great customer service and a huge selection of bikes and accessories. They’re also are an active sponsor in the Wasatch Trails Alliance, a local volunteer organization that helps build and maintain riding trails in Wasatch County.
If your business generates recycle materials that are either thrown away or you’re even paying for, call us today!
Each year, one of the first customs of Christmas is to get out holiday decorations, which usually means facing a mass of impossibly tangled strings of lights that have to be untangled and then tested before going on the tree or outside to decorate bushes, trees or one’s house.
Some manufacturers of LED lights accept the return of old traditional lights and send them to a recycling center that separates them into their components parts, such as glass and copper. Another option for dealing with old strands of lights is donate any strands that still work to a school or charity. Christmas trees also cause some problems, as it has been estimated that 33 million trees are sold in North America annually and a majority of them end up in landfills. Another option is to wrap presents in brown paper, such as grocery bags that have been cut and laid out flat. Even though the holidays have passed, it is possible that extra lights or an unused item may still be sitting around in the garage. The biggest challenge we, and every other recycling facility faces is processing recyclable materials.
Just as we are doing out best to get Utah to recycle, we are doing our best to keep those products in Utah. Thank you to everyone in Wasatch county who brought in metal for the Wasatch County Sub for Santa program this year!
Sondi (she runs the Heber Recycling center) and myself from our recycling center in Heber both have wanted to give back to Wasatch county for the holiday season.
Huge thanks to Wasatch County Events Center, who brought in metal, and donated their money from an entire ton of metal to the Heber City Food Bank.
Our final ad in the Wasatch Wave is to the Wasatch County Search and Rescue’s sub for Santa. I’m in the recycling business,  so the sting is lessened by the that one bad bulb knowing that Christmas tree lights are recyclable. Everyone, from regular citizens to big business, can see the value in recycling old materials. The ONLY recycling processing facility in the county is Greene ARC, Inc., a non-profit corporation providing independence and employment of individuals with disabilities, located on Dunn Station Road in Ruff Creek, PA.
Jobs: Recycling creates jobs for Greene County residents with disabilities and others in the recycling industry. Children: Recycling is good for the environment, insuring a better future for Greene County children. Soft-drink Cans: One ton of recycled aluminum saves 14,000 Kwh of energy, 40 barrels (1,663 gallons) of oil, 238 million BTU’s of energy and 10 cubic yards of landfill space. Glass: Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for 4 hours.

Walgreens Safe Medication Disposal Program: you can purchase a specially designed envelope to safely discard expired or unused medications. Wheels For Wishes is a car donation program benefiting Make-A-Wish® Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act of 1988 (Act 101), placed upon a county the responsibility for securing sufficient disposal capacity for its waste through contractual commitments with landfills or other processing facilities.
A Solid Waste Planning Advisory Committee comprised of municipal officials, representatives of the waste industry, and citizens at large spearheaded the project. Together they determined how municipal waste should be collected, transported, and disposed. Act 101, for the first time, shifted the authority for Municipal Waste Management to the County. The Solid Waste and Recycling Office performs a wide range of functions to accomplish an efficient and harmonious approach to these issues in Greene County. The Solid Waste and Recycling Office maintains a working relationship with the waste haulers who are licensed to pick up in Greene County and the landfills that are authorized to accept municipal waste from Greene County.
Disposal centers are located throughout Greene County, providing collection centers or pick-up services for the management of household hazardous wastes. Determining what is municipal waste is based on as much on who generates it or where it was generated as it is on specific physical characteristics of the material.
Disclaimer: The information contained on this website is not intended to replace official versions.
Many times, rather than facing this problematic task, people simply discard the old strands from their homes and apartments to buy new ones.
Additionally, some merchants will give customers who turn in their old traditional lights a discount on the purchase of new LED lights. They can also be used as night-lights or as a means for making a patio or outside area look festive. If a real tree is purchased, after the holidays it can be taken to a recycling center where it will be processed into mulch.
While most wrapping paper is made from virgin materials, products made from recycled paper are also on the market. Before wrapping, children can be recruited to draw brightly colored Christmas scenes on the paper, making it more festive. Tips like these serve to help those who want to tone down their amount of decorations as some items become older and unable to use anymore.  Regardless, having some of these strategies in mind for the next holiday season will only continue to help the environment in the long term. We are proud to offer an easy way to recycle or donate unwanted cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, RVs, or even boats, by turning them into a wish for a local child. Additionally, it required a county to demonstrate to what extent it could feasibly attain the state’s recycling initiative. The Plan they developed was approved by the County Commissioners, ratified by the municipalities, and accepted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources (now the Department of Environmental Protection). This transfer of authority away from the municipalities was intended to give the County the ability to implement the recommendations developed in the planning process. The office is also called upon to dispense information to municipalities, businesses and citizens regarding hauler and landfill issues through daily phone calls, news articles, personal contact and speaking engagements. This involves ongoing contact with these businesses and the processing of the tonnage information, remaining capacities and quarterly fees received by the county based on the tonnage of waste received at the landfills from the municipalities.

According to the PA Environmental Quality Board's Municipal Waste Regulations, municipal waste is garbage, refuse, industrial lunchroom or office waste and other material, including solid, liquid, semi-solid or contained gaseous material resulting from operation of residential, municipal, commercial or institutional establishments and from community activities, and sludge not meeting the definition of "residual" or "hazardous waste" from a municipal, commercial or institutional water supply treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant or air pollution control facility.
Every household, business, and community activity within Greene County is a generator of municipal waste in some form.
Many people, as well as businesses, choose to leave these lights up all year, as they are decorative no matter what the season. . There are many municipal recycling programs that offer tree collection and process trees in this manner.
A point to keep in mind when purchasing paper is that sparkly or shiny paper, while festive, cannot be recycled. It is also possible to wrap gifts in maps, or the Sunday comics, which are already brightly colored or cloth, which is the ultimate in recyclable wrapping material, as it can be folded, stored and used the next year.
In 1993, in accordance with the provisions of Act 101, Greene County set forth plans for the management of Municipal Solid Waste generated within its boundaries for a ten-year period. In Greene County, however, decisions were made for much of that authority to remain at the municipal level.
For example, the following types of businesses typically generate hazardous waste: dry cleaners, auto repair shops, hospitals, exterminators and photo processing centers. That is a rather board and inclusive categorization of materials from the County to manage.
A variety of sources can be identified as generators of the type of municipal waste with which most of us are familiar. Information on this site is presented without warranty, expressed or implied, as to its accuracy. Not only does this save on the electric bill, as LED lights use around 95 percent less electricity than traditional lights, but, also, unlike traditional lights, if a single bulb goes out, the rest of the strand will still turn on. Hazardous waste comes in many shapes and forms: chemical, metal and furniture manufacturing are some examples of processes that create hazardous waste. Some hazardous waste generators are larger companies like chemical manufacturers, electroplating companies and petroleum refineries. They include residences, commercial establishments, government buildings, institutions, and community events. All hazardous waste is tightly regulated from "cradle to grave." Garbage and industrial waste are also controlled. Check with your township or borough for information on solid waste disposal in your municipality.
Others generate special types that are less recognizable as municipal solid waste to the average person. Common garbage is municipal waste, which consists mainly of paper, yard trimmings, glass and other materials. Therefore, as the County revised its Plan for proper solid waste management, it examined many factors to ensure that the special needs and conditions of all of these entities were considered and incorporated.

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