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I love shooting guns, and shooting any firearm that has full-auto capabilities is even more fun, but there comes a point in every shooter’s life when they start to ask some tough questions.
My opinion of full-auto handguns, or machine pistols, is that they were designed for a very specific situation or condition, but most of the time a submachine gun would still be a better choice.
Perhaps I’m getting old, but if I were given a choice of legally owning, or even just firing a full-auto pistol or a submachine gun, hands down I would go with the submachine gun.
This is one of those times I wish I could just type NO NO NO NO and have this bit of entertainment news be wiped from existence, and that you never knew what I’m about to tell you, and that is this: Robin Thicke has released a video for his new album containing creepy images of text messages, the subtext and context being that he has only just begun to harass his ex, who as of yet will not take him back.
The song is called “Get Her Back,” and the video depicts a battered and bloody (why?) shirtless (that I get) Thicke, and a woman who looks a bit like Thicke’s ex, but not very much. To be clear, the reason why his ex is now his ex may not be because of Thicke’s icky performance alongside Miley Cyrus during last year’s VMAs, when the world wouldn’t shut up about twerking. Reports and rumors are one thing, but when there is this much photographic evidence of ridiculous philandering, a little dignity would be nice rather than an entire album of begging. The one positive that machine pistols have is that they look like most other pistols, which in turn means people in general won’t freak out when they see police or security carrying them. As they were designed for full-auto fire, submachine guns usually have some way of bracing the weapon to better deal with recoil.
Here’s the weird part: text messages appear over the black-and-white images of these attractive yet sad-looking people, without attribution. It seemed like Thicke and his ex were getting along fine that evening, is this pic is any indication.
And frankly, it’s obnoxious to announce a mutual separation in February – please try to understand the word “mutual” means both parties agreed to separate – and then come out less than six months later with this “Get Her Back” nonsense.
Text message interface is indispensable in life, but often comes across as flat and annoying in TV or movies.

Messages include “You drink too much,” “I can’t make love to you anymore,” “I hate myself,” and “Can I come see you?” Then it becomes clearer as color comes up, making Thicke’s blue eyes pop. From what I understand, text alerts as a plot device absolutely ruined Non-Stop for 100% of the audience. Holus bumps entertainment to 3D holographic gloryWant to customize, transform your audio environment? Unless the point is suppression fire, hitting a target with more bullets is always a better than missing with more bullets.
No one likes seeing the act of texting take place, and no one wants to see texts as a device, imparting in idea and booping out in characters. About 169,000 hits, most leading to a photo taken of Thicke with a fan, in which you can see in the mirror behind them that he is fully grabbing handfuls of her butt.
Jungwirth spent his entire 20-year career working on connected cars, not computers.Apple is famous for obfuscating about its new hires to throw off competitors and journalists, and the company is reportedly working on a top-secret electric car. Photo: Mercedes-BenzTrained as an engineer, Jungwirth has worked with Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler since October 1997. Perhaps hole up for a while and start writing songs for other people, you’ve done that before with excellent results – like first, Thicke wrote “Give It to You” for Jordan Knight, then he turned around and did a new little version for himself, featuring Two Chainz and Kendrick Lamar. Most of his career has been concerned with telematics, infotainment and connected car technology.
Apple appears to be getting heavily into auto technology, and may be exploring its own electric car. But you can see how the essence is the same, and how little Robin Thicke’s songwriting has changed. It’s researching dozens of technology areas, from advanced telematics to electric fuel cells.

The three-story, 72,000-square-foot facility houses about 170 people and includes a garage, plus hardware and software labs. Other areas of research include new battery technologies and vehicles powered by fuel cells.
In the video below, recorded at the show, he talks about advanced telematics systems that upload and share driving data via the cloud.The car, he says, is becoming part of the Internet of Things, allowing it to interact with a variety of other connected systems, from smartwatches to smart homes. But at CES, Mercedes-Benz rolled out a working vehicle that drove itself down the Vegas strip.
Photo: Mercedes-BenzThe “F 015 Luxury in Motion” car is more like an old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage than a modern car.
The car made it from Mannheim to Pforzheim without a human touching the wheel.The company began experimenting with self-driving cars back in the mid-1990s. When the car is crawling along in stop-and-go traffic, it lets the driver take his or her hands off the wheel.
It can stop and move forward as necessary, following the vehicle ahead, and can also follow a lane — but works only when going less than 6 miles per hour. Cult of Mac asked him about his new job but did not hear back from him prior to publication.Maybe he was simply hired for his technical knowledge and management skills. Or maybe, after decades concentrating on automobiles, he’s been moonlighting as a Mac geek and boning up on OS X!

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