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Originally Posted By: thegreatoneis anythose only with preorders Yes, M55 Argus, N7 Valkyrie, and AT12 Raider are all Pre-Order Only Guns. Originally Posted By: KatePon the Geth Pulse Rifle and Collector Assault Rifle do you have to them in me2 to get them also I love the look of the Javelin and M-13 Raptor are they in game for everyone or pre orders The Collector Rifle Maybe, The Geth Pulse Rifle I doubt it.
The shooting less than a mile from police headquarters added to the tensions across the country between the black community and police.

According to the info she will look similar to her voice Actress (Alix Wilton Regan) but with darker hair. Just days earlier, one of the slain officers had posted an emotional Facebook message about the challenges of police work in the current environment.

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