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The logo might be almost tolerable if you could put your choice of camo under it, but you can't.
So a light tank, yet you leave in the same missions for a crew as the medium mission (Mutz) and the heavy (WZ-111).
No, because everyone who is good at the game earns too much gold from tournaments and clan activity. The Revalorise is right below the 1390 in the tech tree, clearly available for purchase with 7,200 gold. It’s also the first and only tier VIII Premium light tank in World of Tanks and operates as a mobile, powerfully-armed flanker!

E’ anche il primo e unico livello VIII Premium leggero in World of Tanks e funziona come un mobile fiancheggiatore potentemente armato! You have one choice (if you want this tank): *pay* WG money to do their advertising for them.
They wouldn't want the top elite to just get everything for free, so their new market strategy is to release new premium tanks in store(for a limited time), but never in garage anymore. You're now following 4 cyl truck in your eBay Feed.You will receive email alerts for new listings.
You can pick up this brand-new tank in the Premium Shop, and it’s available to try for free with our rental missions throughout the month.

E possibile ottenere questo carro nuovo di zecca nel negozio Premium, ed e a disposizione per provarlo gratuitamente con le nostre missioni di noleggio per tutto il mese.

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